Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kidney Foundation Scrap

Today my friend Dee and I went to Kalamazoo for a Kidney Foundation Fundraiser. I finally got to meet all of her friends that I have heard so much about forever. We had a great time, signed a few more people up for the Michigan Organ Donor Registry via the Gift of Life Michigan, scrapped a bunch of pages and I even learned to do some basic knitting stitches. Hooray!

When I came home I was pleased to see that Hubby had washed the dishes, made dinner for the kids and even put more hay in the alpaca barn, only three bails but who's being picky?

Another scrapbooking fundraiser is set for Saturday, April 25 here in Battle Creek. I am excited because I can get more pages done and better yet, learn more knitting.

So why knitting? Well, I have the awesome alpaca fiber that I am going to be processing once the May shearing date gets here and I would like to learn more about the end product so I can market my fiber to the the right people.

I am so excited because I was able to talk to some knitters and spinners today. They gave me some great ideas one where to market and who to market my fiber to.

Hooray, double hooray!

So what's on the calender for tomorrow? Well, the house needs cleaned, the pasture needs scooped free of poo and I have an alpaca meeting to go to in Olivet with our vet...

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