Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a Wonderful Day!

The weather was beyond awesome today. We got so much accomplished. Hubby spent the whole day working on the chicken coop getting the new nesting area ready for the chicks we should be receiving in the next few weeks.

I managed to clean up some of the poo piles in the pasture and cleaned up some of the wood from the trees we cut last month. Two of our neighbors visited today. One helped cut up more of the wood from those trees and the other came to talk about our tractor with Hubby. Brother Bear was Hubby's helper all day long in the chicken coop and with digging holes in the dirt. Yikes, what a mess he made. I think half the yard was washed off of him during the shower. Sister Bear had a birthday party at the roller rink so I had to take her there and bring her back. Thank goodness it lasted three hours. We were able to get a lot done that way. She missed out on a great day but had fun with her friends.

So another day at the Wonder Why...

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