Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deviled Eggs Anyone?

We raise chickens yet I can't make deviled ironic/how depressing!

Whenever we go to a potluck I always make my way to the deviled eggs. There is something about them that are so I can't see to make them. Aggghhh!!!!! My dad makes great deviled eggs. Actually, my dad is an awesome cook and baker. Anyways, every time I boil eggs and go to peel them, I end up with such a mess that the only solution is to make egg salad.

There have been countless potlucks where my intention was to bring deviled eggs but I ended up with store bought cookies because of my lack of egg-peeling finesse. I have had a ba-zillion suggestions on how to peel them correctly and each time I get a bit better...well, mark your calendars! Today I successfully made them. They aren't the best looking but they sure taste good and I have figured out a long time ago that garnishment makes everything look better.

Of course our family gathering got cancelled. Darn it! Dad is feeling a bit under the weather and little Vera, my niece, has the stomach flu. So the family cookout has been post-poned until tomorrow. At least we'll have my eggs! As an added bonus, I still had some even crappier eggs leftover so I could make my beloved egg salad!

1 comment:

  1. Clever with the garnish!

    My eggs are always ugly, but everyone is always so happy to have deviled eggs that they never seem to mind. Keep at it WonderWhy!