Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kellogg Bird Sanctuary Field Trip

Today was the Kindergarten field trip to the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary in Hickory Corners, just north of Battle Creek. It was my second visit as a chaperon and I know the next time I go it WON'T be with a bunch of Kindergarten kids who don't listen! YIKES!

Of course, my son was a total angel...for once!

Before leaving from the school, I met my girlfriends Jen and Lynne (along with Lynne's daughter, Jenna) at Panara Bread. Thankfully, the detour from the I94 bridge issue has been cleared up and we were able to get there with no issues. Of course, being a new business and construction going on just beside the building, it was very difficult to park. The food and the company was wonderful.

So, after that it was off to Sonoma Elementary for the drive. Fortunately, Jen drove so we didn't have to share a bus with three classrooms full of kids. Yikes! I am definately not cut out to be a patience!

We had a lovely time! It rained all the way there and thankfully stopped right before we got there. WOO HOO! All we had was sunshine and humidity. Yeah, Michigan!

So, I bet you are wondering what birds we saw. Well, don't hold your breath because they are all the same ones you see all the time. Mallards, Canadian Geese, Trumpeter Swans, Barn Owls, Bald Eagle, Hawks.....then the Australian Black Swan. It was nice to see them there with their young offspring.

Of course, being the Wonder Why Gal, all I could do was compare them to my pacas. See, I find paca males fighting over food, females and poo piles much more interesting than a bunch of birds....especially the poopy Canadian Geese.

Did you know that Kellogg actually created the Sanctuary to protect the Canadian Geese? What on earth was he thinking? Too many cornflakes in his cereal, obviously!

None the less, a beautiful day with my handsome son, who still likes to hold his Mom's hand in public....moments to cherish!

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