Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bathing Beauties

In case you aren't from Michigan, it is totally HOT here!

Now, living in Michigan we are used to all sorts of weather but we can be complete babies when the temp. reaches 90 degrees. I prefer being in my air-conditioned house or my swimming pool. My chickens prefer the shade of a tree. My kittens prefer the shade of the hay feeder. Alas, my Wonder Alpacas don't have that, I have started giving the belly showers.

Belly showers are something like playing in the sprinkler for us except mine don't want the sprinkler. No, that would be too easy for me. My Wonder Boys and Wonder Gals want me to hold the sprayer and purposefully spray their necks, their bellies and their butts. Yes, you read correctly. They will even present their backsides and raise their tails so I can spray their under carriage. After that, their body temps lower and I have a happy herd for a few hours.

Of course, after I give all the Wonder Boys and Wonder Gals their romp in the water then refill their water buckets, I am drenched in sweat....good thing for my pool and air-conditioning.

I would provide amazing photos of my herd playing in the water but my hubby hasn't quite got the volunteer aspect down for spraying them while I play photographer and hubby is an awful photographer so.....I will show you the after affects.

As you will see, I have fans going to keep the Wonder Herd cool in the barn so my girls, who are nice and wet will go stand in front of the fans. Now, I forgot to tell you about Step B. See, Step A is to get wet and cool down, Step C is to stand in front of the fan to let the air hit your cool skin but Step B is the best! You see, right after my adorable alpacas get good and wet they will find the dirtiest spot in the pasture to roll around in the sand. Oh, How I love that!

The other wonderful thing about this weather is trying to figure out when on earth I am going to scoop all that glorious pacapoo that I rave about. Well, I found the perfect time today. 6AM. Cock-a-doodle-do! Yup, I got up around 5:30am, had some coffee then went out to scoop poo in 70+ degree weather and here it is 1:30pm in 90+ degree weather and the piles have mysteriously returned.

hmmmm, go figure.

So now that the air-conditioning has cooled off this Wonder Gal, I am going to go pick up my kids from daycamp so we can come back home and swim in the pool...and give the Wonder Herd another belly bath.

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