Saturday, June 13, 2009

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Apparently I have fallen in love!

Hubby doesn't seem to upset about it. Honestly, you would think he'd put up a fight since it's not him that I am oohing and ahhhing over. Really, what is he problem? Oh, that's right! I am in love with a little cria named Sunshine. He doesn't feel threatened but maybe he should because she is the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen.

Today the kids and I went to Wind Walker to visit my Sugar Breeze and her little girl, Sunshine. In two days, she has grown. Ok, only a pound but she has grown. She grew even more beautiful than the day she was born. We are thinking her color is rose gray and she definitely has a pattern to her color.

Oh my goodness, is it possible to be so beautiful? Apparently so and thankfully we have decided to re-breed my Sugar Breeze to Chief Gray Ghost to see if we can make a carbon copy of our beautiful Sunshine. We are also going to breed our Confetti Reign to Gray Ghost because he is awesome. I watched him get sheared today and that totally confirmed my my decision. He is gorgeous.

On the thought of girls that are beautiful, my darling daughter was a photographer today. I let her use my little Canon to take photos around Wind Walker and she got some wonderful pictures not only of the alpacas but of me, trees, brother, barns, hay and I loved it! What better way to learn to love something than to just try it. Everytime I give her my camera, she goes crazy with the pictures and I am amazed at what she sees through the lens. I only wish that my mother would have encouraged my passions and interest instead of creating insecurities in me. AGGGHH!!! But that is another long story.

So, my beautiful daughter took great pics which, of course, let my son to want the camera. Ok, Mom indulged and what I got back was a camera that now has to be professionally cleaned because he dropped it in the dirt. Again, I didn't over-react because he truly wanted to take pictures and he did. At least it was my little camera and not my favorite camera. I might have over-reacted then.

Now, where was I? Oh, so we had a wonderful afternoon at Wind Walker which led us to miss a birthday party for my daughter's friend at the roller rink in Portage. According to the kids, I am a bad mom because I didn't take them there even though yesterday they went to a party at Pizza Galexy and my daughter ended up getting a last minute sleepover with her friend which led us to run late on all of our other plans. So I, being a bad mom, who had just bought them an icecream cone at McDonalds took them home.

Apparently my mothering instincts don't equal those of my Sugar Breeze according to my kids. Now MY original plans for the day were to visit Wind Walker then swing down to Vicksburg to the Car Show where my knitting friends were enjoying Knit in Public Day and most likely slaying Zombies then I was going to take them to the skating party. So, plans change. I thought we still had fun. hmmmmmm, guess not? Bad Mom, that I am. My goodness.

Now I am going to make them some popcorn and put a movie in for them to watch because that's what bad moms do. Then I will finish their laundry, pick up their toys and read them a story for bedtime...because that's what bad moms do.

Sugar Breeze, my darling new mom, you are going to be pregnant and having babies for the rest of your life. Please don't take it to heart when they reject you. They still love you....sometimes they just need to be sent to their bedrooms (pastures) to think about it.

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