Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day!

Literally! I've got Sunshine on a cloudy day.

No sun in the sky.

The only Sunshine today was the cria born.
The first Wonder Why Alpaca Farm Cria.

IT'S A GIRL! Our Sugar Breeze had her very first cria today! Isn't she a beauty. Some of these pics were taken when she was barely an hour old.

Sugar's Sunshine, born 6-11-09 at 360 days!

Her sire is WWR Grey Ghost and her dam is WWR Sugar Breeze. We are thinking is is gray...possibly a multi but today's overcast sky is making it very hard to color check. Regardless, she is cute as a button and has phenomenal genetics from both sides.

Let's see, how did my day go?

It all started with me deciding to stay home with the kids today. I got an email from Cheri at Wind Walker Ranch, where Sugar Breeze is staying, stating that Sugar is still very pregnant and most likely not going to deliver today. This was around 9am this morning.

So, ho hum, another day without my firstborn cria.

Next thing I know, it's almost noon and I need to get the kids their lunch so I had up to the kitchen and my hubby yells to me that Don Parks is on my cell phone and he thinks Don said that we are having a cria.

I get on the phone and Don tells me that they can see a nose.

HOORAY! I have a nose!

So within minutes I grab my camera and my son along with a bologna sandwich for him and out the door we go. My daughter couldn't go because dance recital is next week and today was dance class. Bummer for her.

Anyways, we are about halfway to Middleville when Don calls and tells me that I am a Grandma! Yikes! That's about twenty years too soon! So to keep me in suspense, Don asks me what I want most in my cria and I said a girl. The stinker wouldn't confirm. Yikes! I practically drive warp speed anyways but right now I wish that the Star Trek transporter really did exist. Even though Wind Walker Ranch isn't terrible to get to mileage-wise, we have to go through every rinky town on M37 to get there.

The next question Don asks me is what do I want second most in my cria. I said a Gray Girl.

Yikes! The man had me on pins and needles and I was already doing my happy dance while driving down the road behind every slow driver in the area. So after what seemed an eternity, which in reality was probably 20 seconds....he gave me the best news ever! Indeed, our first Wonder Cria was a girl and most likely a gray girl!


I just wanted to cry. As soon and we got there we bee-lined it to the barn and there was the most beautiful alpacas I have ever seen. My Sugar Breeze and her very first cria, Sugar's Sunshine.

Now why did we call her Sunshine? Well, first of all....who is the person who spread sunshine around to everyone she meets? Me, of course! As a little girl, my father called me his Sunshine Sugar Pinapple Princess so....I took a play on words and instead of Sunshine Sugar we decided to call her Sugar's Sunshine and rightly so. What a beautiful ray of sunshine she was today and will be everyday.

We had the vet come out today because we thought another girl was going to have her first cria and we thought maybe something wasn't right. She is ok, just not ready. Anyways, Doc checked over Sunshine while he was there and while he had Sunshine in his arms Sugar was freaking out because someone had her cria. Do you know what she did? She came to me and nuzzled me to make sure that I would get her cria back for her. Oh, talk about melting my heart. What makes that little action so special to me is that Sugar has never been on my farm yet. After I bought her, I kept her at Wind Walker so I wouldn't stress her during the last part of her pregnancy. I haven't had that much contact with her because of this yet she knew to come to me. Oh, she is MY Sugar!

Sunshine is now eight hours old and she is at Wind Walker and I am now home at the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm. Oh, how I want to run out to the barn to check on her but I chose to have her birthed at Wind Walker under the care of Don and Cheri Parks because I still have so much to learn about alpaca birthing and cria care and when I bought Sugar Breeze, I was truly terrified of today. Now that today is here, my confidence is growing but I am sure glad that my little Sunshine is getting the love and attention she needs from experienced alpaca breeders. When she gets a little older and her dam, Sugar Breeze, is re-bred then I will bring both Sugar and Sunshine home to the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm where we will all live happily ever after....until the day comes when I have to sell one of them. Oh, that's the bad part about breeding these wonderful alpacas. If you want to make money, you have to sell your alpacas....even the Sugars and the Sunshines...but fortunately, that's not today.

Today I am the proud owner of a beautiful girl named Sugar Breeze and her wonderful cria, Sugar's Sunshine.

Oh I am just too darn happy! Honestly, she is too cute! Really, you had to hear her and her dam humming to each other all afternoon. I had goosebumps. You had to see them interacting with each other. You had to feel their wonderful lustrous fiber. Had you done this, you would truly know the wonder of alpacas.

See the Wonder
Hear the Wonder
Feel the Wonder
Know the Wonder

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  1. OK!!! Now I'm going to cry! That is just so WONDERFUL!!!

    Congratulations on your Sugar and your Sugar's Sunshine!!! They are both beautiful girls!! I can't wait until they get to come home with you!