Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knit under the Stars

Whew! Would yesterday never end?

Besides having a busy day trying to battle the thunderstorms and intense rain that has created massive puddles around my new barn, I also had Sister Bear's dress rehearsal for her dance recital tonight....those pics will be posted later. Anyways, I was busy calling contractors all afternoon to get estimates on gutters for the new barn and also to have sand, pea stone, limestone, etc brought in to help level out the mess that was created when the barn was built. Yikes! I love how the contractor who's son built the barn said, "Normally we would bring in sand/soil prior to building to build up the land." WTF, excuse the language, but WTF! Then why on earth did you not do that in the first place? Now I am going to have to do it by hand with a wheelbarrel because our pasture fencing is up and their big trucks can no longer fit in the area.

Honestly! Contractors really do get on my nerves! So called experts! Bahahahaha(evil laugh) It's a conspiracy against the WonderWhyGal, honestly, it has to be!

Ok, moving forward. So Sister Bear had her dress rehearsal and was totally awesome. Let me add that the awesome flexability and coordination where not inherited by yours truly! With that being said, she is as adorable as can be (that is inherited from me) and I can't wait to see her in the actual performance tonight.

Well, after I got Sister Bear home with Hubby and Brother, I took off again. This was my fourth trip to the other side of town but it was well worth it. I went to visit Your Local Yarn Shop, yes that is the name of the shop which will now be referred to as YLYS in this blogpost. Anyways, we went to Knit Under The Stars for a fundraiser for the Haven of Rest where one of the local radio stations was participating in a roof sit called Roof Sit For the Haven

So.....yours truly and a handful of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters set up camp at YLYS with jammies on and knitting in hand. They had pizza, pop, popcorn and most of all GREAT COMPANY! Along with a free fireworks, um, thunderstorm/lightning show. I still haven't finished my fabulous swirl scarf for Sister Bear. Apparently the final row (1600 stitches) takes a wee bit longer than I had calculated. YIKES!

I was a baby too! I left my fellow knitters at 10pm. I wonder who stayed until midnight. I went home saw my excited little ones off to bed, which was a late night for them because they never stay up past nine, then talked to Hubby which meant I was interrupting his movie.

Today! I swear today I am going to finish this scarf. I am so excited to see it swirl and do what it is supposed to do since the last one didn't. Then, guess what! I picked out some yarn to make another one for my niece. DOUBLE YIKES!

I did by some superwash blue yarn though. I am going to attempt some squares for Holly's project.

Ok, must sign off. Promised the kids two new kittens for the barn. Eek! A mouse! Not anymore....

Until later, gaters!

Happy knitting to all, and to all a good day.

BTW, YLYS has the event going on still today so if you feel guilty about not donating or knitting...go check em out!

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