Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zombies Slayed at Barnes&Noble

Whew! We, The Zombie Prom Date Knitters, arrived at Barnes and Noble last night and there was no sign of the sulky Ipod girl who chose to ignore our charming bunch from last month. We even brought our shovels to take care of her.

What a fabulous turn-out. I lost track of how many people actually made it there but we had a wonderful time knitting, spinning (Yup, Spinsanity and crew brought their drop spindles) and have grand ol' conversations along with slurping down Starbucks Chocolate Chip Frapps...mmmmm, yummy! Yes, the evil dead camera did make it's appearance. wahahahaha Crystal and Em couldn't hide from me!

We had people there that I have never met before along with two young ones learning to knit. Woo Hoo! They can already knit better than me ;-) We got into spinning wheel discussions and our Fuzzy Wuzzy Spinning Wheel friend was there to shed her words of wisdom since I was still babbling (yes, I have been known to babble) on about my fiber and getting it turned into rovings and yarn. Yikes, tell me to shut up if I annoy you....if not, the off button is broken.

My spiral scarf got the seal of approval. Apparently, I am actually knitting this one's actually starting to look like pig intestines (hopefully not one of your pigs, Holly) So maybe it will get finished this weekend.

I have decided to attempt some of Knit with snot charity knitting so I am going to get some washable pretty blue yarn to make 10 inch squares for a quilting project she is working on. I figure these 10 inch squares will be good practice for me to learn some different knitting techniques. Did you know that YO is not a way to get someone's attention but really means YARN OVER. Honestly, Yo Yo Yo....ok, I make myself laugh.

So....some lucky person will suffer the abuse of my knitting besides my fortunate family members. I love it though.

Well, until the next zombie sighting....must sign off. I have pacapoo to slay now!


  1. Too funny! Sulky ipod carriers, knitting with snot, and Spinsanity! Too much. This sounds like a complete blast. I wanna come!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. YO! YO! YO! Knit with Snot in the HOOOOUSE!!!

    I missed you guys!! Plus eggs. I neeeeeds eggs, precious.

  3. We missed you too! Egg! Well, I have eggs-a-plenty! Are you going to be in BC or the Grange at all this week?