Monday, July 13, 2009

I Prefer roadside "poo", that is.

Today was the first time I have ever worked on a M-Dot Adopt-A-Highway crew and you know what....zombies are gross!

Yes, you know who you are you evil zombie drivers. You! The ones who pee in bottles then throw them out of the window even though the rest stop is right there. Yes, right there, see it on the other side of where we are working. You, who throw your cigeratte buds out the window or your skoal containers. How many pop cans or beer bottles did we find? Too many. Potato chip bags, styrophone, fast food bags, tons of fast food cups. We even found a baby car seat cushion. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Well, I will keep the pacapoo that I scoop out in the barn. At least I know the source of the poo and it is relatively clean compared to the awful Yuck that we picked up today.

But yucky roadside poo aside (I hope you realize that I have started substituting pacapoo for the other word know the S H I T word. I figured that I could say pacapoo all day long and it would be as bad as S H I T. See, it even spells out nicer.

Well, a small group of our AWESOME knitting group, the Zombie Prom Date Knitters showed up this morning and kicked the roadside's butt! I didn't get to help out on Saturday and almost didn't get to help out today but some creative scheduling had me there about an hour into the day. Of course, after I skipped out after lunch to help Hubby out with his work, they continued to work. Spinny, Snot, Em and Crystal really do rock. Oh, so do you, Alice and Beck but I tell ya, Spinny cracks that whip to keep us cleaning up the pacapoo.

Well, like I said before, we are AWESOME! Even in the middle of cleaning up poo we were having fun. Please look at Snot's awesome bedazzling. I bet you thought that you would only ever see bedazzling on cheesy infomercials. Well, then you haven't met Holly. Not only does she Knit with Snot she also bedazzles with it and it. That is not Snot written on her back that is Snot bedazzled.

Now, I know you are totally feeling left out because you didn't go have fun with our group on Saturday or today. Well, never fear. Apparently the zombies have been frequenting our 2 mile stretch of I 94 ALOT because we still have another day or two to go.

We filled up one full road commision dump truck with all the poo that we found on the side of the road and they came back for more. The two men that worked for the road commision were so cool. They were thanking us for all the help our group and fellow Adopt-A-Highway groups have done.

They told us that before the program came along that each garage was in charge of 25 miles of garbage cleanup along with all their other duties. On top of that, they said that they were required to pick up every tiny piece of trash not just the big stuff.

They also told us that we were like the best looking group that they have seen. Becky said it was my lipstick. bahahahaha(evil laugh) I think it was all our awesome!

Honestly, I love my knitting group. We totally rock! It's not just about the knitting or the socializing, we are totally doing something great for our community. We are keeping 2 miles of roadside clean and helping the National Kidney Foundation. Now tell me, how many social groups do you know that do that? We have no by-laws (as far as I know). We do have Spinny and Snot laws but....those seem pretty fun.

So, I must decorate my cool neon yellow M-Dot vest so I can look as awesome as Snot.

By the way, if you wonder why my Wonder Why Alpaca Farm baseball cap was in the photos. It's because I had a bunch made up and I thought that in case someone forgot their hat, I would have them there for my knitting friends to keep the sun out of their eyes. See, even the pacas are into volunteering.

Well, if you are interested in helping out ...follow the Snot blog to the right of this and link to the YouTube video training you have to watch. It's harmless.

On a final note: DO NOT LITTER OR ELSE!

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