Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finished Fiber Fun

Remember a few weeks back I was working like crazy to finish my scarf to be used as a door prize for the Alpaca Wonder Weekend.  Yeah, that didn't happen but of course that's why I had Plan B which was to get an awesome knitting friend to knit a scarf out of yarn I spun.  Thank you Holly!

Well, I finally finished the scarf last Friday and washed it yesterday.  Isn't it beautiful!    It's a lovely Staggard Rib Scarf off a free pattern I got on Ravelry.

Since I didn't get it done in time for the open house I have been debating what to do with it.  Pretty much everyone said that I should keep it because it was my first hand spun from my herd....I think I might.  It is definitely beautiful...I can't see a family member wearing it but it would match my coat.  I wish I was a faster knitter so I could have given it away wasn't in the cards.

So,  another fiber fun item I want to share with you is what my adorable daughter has been working on.  She is a little maniac on her drop spindle.  I joined the Home Grange #129 and right now State Grange is having their big  meetings including contests.  KnitWithSnot suggested that I enter something that Sister Bear had been making.  She hasn't been spinning long but we had plied together what she had completed so we tagged it and bagged it and now my daughter has officially entered her spinning into a contest. 

She has also been working on me to hand over my spinning wheel.  Yeah, that's not happening but I told her whenever she needs to ply, Mommy will let her use it.

Now if only I could look that cute while sitting at the wheel.  So what did she create?

Well a Sassy little yarn, of course!

She is also getting upset because I haven't taught her to knit. I have the needles and the yarn all set but every time I ask her if she's ready to learn she decides she would rather do something else.  Then at bed time she tells me that I need to teach her, "Like Now! Mom!"

Goodness, where did that attitude come from?

Hey, I guess that all artists, even fiber artists, get temperamental.  I will teach her and she will be super amazing because that's my little girl.

So those are the fun fiber projects going on.  I did end up entering my scarf in the women's knitting competition.  Wonder Why?  Why not!


  1. Way to go Emily!!! You too Andrea!!

    I will get photos of both your entries tomorrow at State Grange!!!

  2. I always enjoy your Blog. Thanks so much for sharing. - MaLinda

  3. I wish I had started spinning that young!

  4. Love the scarf! It looks great.

    Enjoy being able to share your fiber arts with your daughter. My oldest knows how to knit, but now that she's 12 she thinks it's for old ladies! And the attitude - oh yeah. I live with 5 artists. 3 of them have serious artistic temperaments. Whew! It's somethin' else. LOL!

  5. Beautiful scarf, I like the colors. I am sure you will enjoy wearing. I know I love wearing my first crochet hat. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day. Good to hear that family are getting to knit, especially at a young age. :)

  6. beautiful scarf! Can't hardly wait to teach my grandaughter all the fiber arts-didn't have any daughters and the boys just aren't interested. Right now I let her turn the handle on the ball winder to help me an she loves it.