Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Wonder Of It All...

I love telling everyone I meet about the wonder of alpacas. Wait! Did I miss you? Naw! That's not possible because according to some "friends" that's all I seem to talk about. Oh well! Real friends would understand that this is not just a hobby for me it's also my new career and it's a career that I am finally excited about. Ok, it's not paying the bills yet but it is paying off in so many other wonderful ways until then.

On Saturday when I hosted the first ever Alpaca Wonder Weekend, we had door prizes. My favorite door prize was a scarf that was made from my boy, Baronson's Haze, which we blended with dyed Merino Top into a gorgeous roving that I spun into yarn. Now that's where it get's tricky because you see I am not a fast knitter nor do I pretend to be and I'm not a very good knitter and I definately don't pretend to be one but I am surrounded by awesome.

Well, I went to the definition of awesome and asked her to help me with a super secret wonder project which included knitting and my yarn. Of course Holly said yes and she found the perfect pattern to make the scarf. She was such a trooper volunteering to knit a scarf for me in such a short time frame and her creation was gorgeous!

Well, I waited until Sunday to draw the names of the prize winners from the big day because, honestly, I was whipped once everyone had left Saturday. I had the best time calling all the winners Sunday and they were all very excited. A couple stopped by on Sunday to pick up their gifts and to visit the Wonder Herd and the winner of the WonderSnot Scarf came over Monday afternoon.

Yes, I said WonderSnot. What else do you call a create that both the WonderWhyGal and KnitWithSnot teamed up to create?

She was overjoyed because she had never one anything before. What surprised me was she showed up at the farm with flowers for me. Me! I was in shock! Here I had invited her to the farm to get a prize and she brought me beautiful flowers. What a sweetheart. I was very excited because Holly aka KnitWithSnot would be stopping by too so that the winner, Susan, would also get to meet the lady who knitted the prize.

I know I spun the yarn but the real beauty of the scarf came from my friend's knitting. I mean what's yarn if it's just sitting on a shelf or in a bag. It needs to be used!

I gave Susan a picture of Haze along with a lock of his raw fiber and a bit of the roving so she could see the wonder in the process of making her scarf. She got to visit with Haze too. I wanted her prize to be more than just a scarf. I wanted her to know the wonder that is needed to create the beauty she would be wearing.

I hope she found the event and her prize special. I hope that she cherishes the scarf and all the love that went into it. I know when I'm spinning I think abou the alpaca that the roving comes from and I think how lucky I am to be able to look out at the amazing alpaca grazing in my pasture.

I hope she looks at that scarf and thinks of what it means to have good friends who will be there when you need them and will do selfless acts of kindness for a friend just because. No judgements, no conditions, just because... Ok, I am officially naming that scarf the WonderSnot Friendship Scarf before I get too icky icky sentimental. Mental being the key part of the word :-)

So Susan, you enjoy your alpaca scarf and Holly keep being your awesome self and hopefully I can spread that awesome to another friend one day.


  1. I think anyone who reads this blog is going to want an alpaca, an alpaca farm or at least some good friends to hang out with!

    I had fun making it! The alpaca yarn was beautiful to work with, and I loved meeting Susan and being able to be a part of the whole experience! Now, I'm getting all icky icky!!

  2. Andy, Had a great afternoon Saturday. You did an incredible job on this event. It's going to be hard to convince Deb we don't need to get an alpaca, like, tomorrow! We learned quite a bit and looking forward to learning more before we become alpaca family. You have a beautiful family, farm, and business. I'm proud of you. I'm surprised by the nature of the business but not by the success! Talk to you soon. Love Jer(Ott) and Deb

  3. I loved Saturday! I really hope this becomes a tradition at your farm. I'm slowly becoming an alpaca snob--if it's not WonderWhy, I'm not as interested. Is that bad?