Thursday, November 12, 2009

4MAF Peta's Junebug

Introducing our newest Wonder Girl!


Now from the front Junebug looks like any ol' white huacaya but Junebug is special.  (Of course, she's special.  Would I have bought her if she didn't have that WONDER?)

First, the black and white girl you see is her Aunt Oreo (hint, hint)

This is her mom, Peta....

and this is Junebug's secret...

She's got a bit of color.

She was born 6/1/09 and is currently weaning from Peta so as soon as she is eating like a big girl, she get's to come home to the rest of the Wonder Herd where she will grow up with us and then breed beautiful cria of color to sell...but for now we get to enjoy her being an adorable little huacaya cria.

1 comment:

  1. I am spinning her mama's fluff right now!!! That's what I was working with on the drum carder!

    Good choice! She's a little cutie!!!