Friday, November 27, 2009

Gobble Gobble!

So yesterday was intersting.  I started it out thinking that everything would be all Holly Jolly Happy.  I met my sister in Marshall and we made our way to Detroit to visit with Dad at Henry Ford.  We barely got there and Dad fell asleep so...I knitted.

Back in the day I would have been throwing hissy fits because of boredom.  I would bring a book but then I wouldn't talk to anyone else in the room because I was reading but...I can knit and talk.  I love any task I can do where I am able to talk.  Yeah, I know....blah blah blah

Well, I didn't want to work on my Super Sassy Eyelet Cap..., it hasn't been frogged, it just needed a little break while I changed to magic loop needles and went from a size 3 to a size 5 needle.  It just wasn't progressing the way it should and it was so much tighter than Vogue Knitting made it look's now becoming a Wonder Creation.  (That doesn't bode well, I know)  Instead I worked on finishing the Sassy Scarf I'm making for my niece, who just turned 16, which will match her Varsity Jacket.  (She lettered as a freshman last year at Coldwater)

My Sister didn't think ahead for the sleeping possibility so...she sat and organized her purse and we visited.

Well, Sleepy Beauty did finally wake up but...he just didn't have the pep I had hoped for.  I really thought having both of us girls there at the same time would have him beaming all day long but apparently we bored him.  He didn't get out of bed at all.  No sitting in the chair, no shaker vest treatment...he picked at his turkey meal although he gobbled up the pumpkin pie and jello.

The doc made his rounds super early so we didn't get to see him (so much for getting up there early) and Dad seemed a bit discouraged with the feedback he got from neurology.  I don't know if he just didn't share all the info with us or what.  It just seemed all vague...I don't like vague.

So...I got home close to 4pm and finished cooking the Thanksgiving Meal I started the day before and Scott, the Bears and I sat down for our Thanksgiving Meal.  I wasn't feeling particularly thankful.  My visit with Dad had been frustrating and Scott had called me with bad news early in the day.  One of my alpaca girls had a miscarriage.  Sister Bear discovered the placenta in the barn.  He couldn't figure out who it was so I was in Detroit obsessing.  It was my maiden.  I'm sad.  I don't want to rebreed her at this point because that would make the due date mid-October of next now I will have to wait until June.  That's a year of waste in my breeding program (which I was taking slowly anyways)  I'm sad too because she is usually very friendly with me and she didn't want me anywhere near her yesterday.


So, today is going to be a better day.  I know it will be.  I had my little pity party for myself last night.  Again, I was frustrated because it was all beyond my control..

On a bright note...Dad has two surprises in store for him today.  I'll tell you now because I'm very happy for this news.  My Aunt Janet is on her way to visit Dad and he knows that but he doesn't know that she is stopping at the Detroit Airport on the way and picking up my Aunt Linda who is flying in from Florida.  Dad will get an afternoon with both of his sisters.  The best part is while they are there my cousin, Ken, is calling from his location near Iraq to my Aunt Linda's phone so that he can talk to his Uncle Rex.  Ken is in the Army and is making his (goodness, I can't remember how many time's he's served oversees now) tour of duty over in the Iraq area (yeah, I'm a good cousin and can't even tell you the location) but he's going to call Dad.

I do have a WONDERFUL family!

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