Monday, December 21, 2009

Cry Me a River

Things I learned this weekend:

1.   I'm Emotional
2.   Knitting makes me cry but scrapbooking doesn't
3.   I really am a terrible knitter but that won't stop me from trying
4.   I am a really awful cook unless it involves a box or can (even that is suspect)
5.   I have a wonderful and amazing husband (and I should tell him that more often)
6.   My children giggle which leads me to giggle so we giggle together
7.   Scooping frozen alpaca poo IS NOT FUN!
8.   We have too much clutter in our lives (and in our homes..particularly my father's apartment)
9.   Always check font size when printing knitting patterns from websites (you might cut off important information, like row increases)
10. If you can't cry in front of friends, who can you cry in front of.  (I love you, ZPDK)