Saturday, December 12, 2009

Froggin It!

Remember way back when?  Was it a mere month or two ago?  Goodness, I've lost track with everything that has happened recently...anyways, I was going to knit my Sassy Eyelet Cap that I found in Vogue Knitting that was labeled VERY EASY!

I was all excited...yes, very easy, I can do that!  Well, my dear Vogue Knitting...that stupid eyelet cap is NOT sassy because the hat is NOT VERY EASY!

So, I'm frogging it.

No, I didn't make up the term.  It exists.  It's real and my project really did croke!

Here is the definition to Frog also known as ripping out.

Well, I have thought long and hard over the countless hours I've put into my hat and I am taking advise from SpinSanity and I will rip it out, ball up the yarn and start over.  Why?  Because I worked so hard on spinning that yarn and if I want to really be happy with the hat, I should do it right and not look at it (full of mistakes) and feel contempt.  Yes, I would be the one to feel contempt for a hat!

So what did I do wrong?  bahahaha, What didn't I do wrong?

I used the suggested needles instead of gauge swatching. Since I was using my hand-spun yarn instead of the suggested yarn, it made a difference in the size plus being the awful knitter that I am, my knitting isn't quite the same as the person who wrote the, I will rip it out and start again but not right away.

I must mourn for the lost hours I spent trying to make a Sassy hat.

I will make this hat with the yarn I intended to use but...I will do it with larger needles under guidance.

I will also follow another piece of advice:  DON'T TALK AND KNIT, it's as important as Don't Drink and Drive because talking and knitting can cause death to a project.  Ask me!  I know.

I did give my beautiful niece, Allison, her birthday scarf that I knitted during all my hours in the hospital with Dad.  She is wearing it with pride (obviously, I can knit a wee bit better than I give myself credit for...) and it looks sassy with her varsity jacket.  I don't have a pic of her wearing it yet so you'll get this in process pic instead.

I have two other scarves I'm stalled on too.  Just not motivated to make them.  It's ok, they were just going to be gifts anyways.  I can give them next year...if I decide to go back to them.

My mind still isn't in the right place to knit.  I'm having too hard of a time concentrating then Knitwithsnot had to show us a fun shawl to make called the Clapotis or the Clap, as she calls it.  I was on the fence about it until SpinSanity had to show up at Dad's Memorial knitting it.  It's FUN and it's SASSY and she said it's easy enough I can do it.  Huh? is that possible?  Easy?  Easy for whom?

Well, my goodness...SpinSanity loves me and she knows me.  She wouldn't break my heart like Vogue Knitting. 

What to do?  What to do?

Well, I will end with this last thought.  Thank you, EVERYONE, who has been so supportive of me and my family over the last few weeks and months.  I'm sorry if I made you cry.  This world is without a very great man who was an amazing Father, Grandfather, Brother and Friend and all my tributes and updates on him really have helped in my grieving process.  Really, they have!  I'm doing just fine and dandy.

I am sure, you will see more pictures and thought on my dad because how could I not? 
But, my fun and quirky fiber fun will now return.  It has to!  I need it to!

I forgot I took this picture in September.  This is the last picture I have of Dad with the grandkids.
It was Brother Bear's birthday.
It still blows me away that he was doing so good just 2 1/2 months ago and now he's gone.

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