Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peace On Earth, Goodwill to Man

I think I finally met an angel...actually a whole staff of angels and they all work at Lifespan.  What an amazing day today was.  I met Dad at his new home today and while the nurses were evaluating him I spent three hours going through paperwork with the social worker there and she is amazing.

Dad and his convertable 196x (not sure on the exact year)
Dad's admitting nurse was amazing.  She really listened to us and by the time I got back to Dad's room he was smiling and talkative and....happy.

I know, morphine works wonders but you have to understand, for the last month everytime I saw him or talked to him he was nodding off to sleep because Henry Ford was managing his pain with anti-depressants because they didn't want the meds to interact with the anti-rejection drugs now we don't have to worry about that.  Anti-rejection drugs...gone!

Baby Rex
All meds now are about comfort and today was a beautiful day.  No I V treatments, no forced breathing treatments, no poking and prodding, and no interrupted sleep.  Today my dad was able to relax and enjoy.  I even went to McDonalds and got him a Large Strawberry Milkshake because that's what he wanted.

I now the the key ingredient to hospice care and that's the word care.  I know that the hospital nurses were rockstars and so are all the doctors that have worked so hard to treat Dad over the years but they had to stick to a course of protocol that didn't always take his feelings into consideration.  I am thankful for EVERYTHING that Henry Ford has done for my dad over the years but today was such a blessing to see him happy and not in pain.

Dad, sometime in the 1960's
Honestly, if he or someone would have wrote on the back of these pics, my narration would be so much easier

So, today was the first of hopefully more peaceful days that Dad will spend here with us.


  1. Thinking about you and your Dad. Sending good thoughts for comfort and joy in the coming days.

  2. Sounds like a much more peaceful way to be. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Love you guys!