Sunday, March 29, 2009

Out like a Lion?

Here we are, the last weekend of March and I have so much to do and it's raining. Yesterday was the perfect day to get farm chores done but I let the kids have a sleepover on Friday night and their friends didn't leave until noon. There's half my day gone. We went to see the Camp family and there went a few more hours. Ok, so it's my fault that outdoor chores didn't get done on a nice day but honestly, I wasn't in the mood to do them yesterday. I did, at least, get two poo piles cleaned up but found at least four more out in the pasture I will need to tackle.

The good thing about this weekend is that I basically have my first knitting project done. A dishcloth...a very awful looking dishcloth. What started out as 30 rows became 40-45 depending on the line. How did I do that? Good question....

I was going to start working on the purl technique but I have decided to do another dishcloth in knit just to get the technique down.

Who knows....this knitting newbie is having fun and that's all that matters...

Another good thing about this weekend is the rain. Ok, so I was just complaining about it but our pasture is turning green. Hooray! My bales of hay are dwindling since I bought a few alpaca after the hay purchase so I will need to conserve the hay until cutting time. With fresh pasture to eat, they will be happy.

Wish me luck on the next dishcloth....may my lines stay consistant throughout :-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday Outing

Hubby and I needed to meet with a new accountant who happens to live on the other side of the state so we sweet talked my brother and dad into watching the kids. Low and behold, it ended up being the same day the Doc was going to do vet check for the Indiana Invitational in two weeks. Buccaneer needed to be microchipped and checked over so.....we had a super long day.

We got up and loaded Buccaneer into the back of the Pilot then headed up to the Sahalie farm in Olivet where Buck would have a playdate with his old cria mates. We left the Pilot there and continued over to Sandusky (approx. 3 hours away) in the Prius to meet the accountant. On the drive I worked on my knitting skills. The nice thing about being talkative is that no else wants to be passenger because they can't read while you drive so Hubby drove and I knitted. Hooray! I think I might be getting the hang of it.

On our way back home, we had to stop back at the Sahalie Farm to get Buccaneer. He was such a good boy. Now he is ready for the I?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to knit

Ok, along with learning anything and everything I can about alpacas, I have also been trying to learn anything and everything I can about their fiber and fiber products which includes knitting.

I have never knitted and never showed and interest in knitting. I attempted to crochet once a long time ago and it was a fiasco! I cross-stiched. Counting squares is much I thought.

Finally last weekend at the Kidney Foundation Scrap Day, I finally got to meet Holly. Holly is a friend of my friend Dee and Holly is a knit-a-holic! I got a quick tutorial because we just plain ran out of time.

I took my needles and yarn home and found that I had a big mess. So I cursed....and cursed...and guess, what I cursed some more! I cut off my original start and decided to start from scratch. Well it took me two days and countless youtube videos along with a website called that my friend Stephani suggested I visit. I had finally figured out how to cast on. HOORAY!

Now I needed to "pearl"?

Well, Holly is not quite convenient and talking via facebook doesnt cut it so I stopped over to Stephani's house and she showed me yet another way to cast on. Gee whiz! More than one way? Yikes!

She showed me what the internet couldn't do and I was off to get my hair cut and colored. I took my needles and yarn and low and behold I knitted the whole time my color set. DOUBLE HOORAY!

So it isn't alpaca fiber but learning on basic yarn will get all my bugs out so one day I can knit a beautiufl scarf out of alpaca.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Buccaneer, the stinker!

It's getting closer to the Indiana Invitational in Fort Wayne. It will be my very first Alpaca Show and Buccaneer's first show too. We have been halter training. I don't know how halter training works for most farms but on my farm it's me spending about ten minutes getting Bucky to take some treats from me so I can get the halter on him. Now once that is completed I am supposed to lead him around the pasture with the lead loose. In theory works and on some days it works great but the last few days he has been a stinker!

We finally have beautiful weather. It was 70 degrees out today. A wonderful day at the Wonder Why to be in the pasture. Bucky was great until we started to head towards the barn...he cushed. Cushing is when an alpaca sits. Now you can't move very far when you have an alpaca cushing at the other end of the lead. Agghhh!!!! I took that opportunity to pick some of the field veggies out of his coat and even that didn't bother him. He was being stubborn but he hasn't learned that I am stubborn too. I waited him out and gave him my paca pep talk and finally he got up. We got into the barn, with a struggle, then I gave him an atta boy hug and took the halter off. He did this yesterday too. Why all of a sudden? We have two weeks to show and we had been making such great progress.

Meanwhile the rest of the boys looked at us and were probably thinking better him than me! Well, I let the other boys know that in a couple of years Mr. Bucky will be getting busy with the maidens while they are just grazing in the pasture so La De Da!

As Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day..." so we will see what tomorrow brings for the halter training.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a Wonderful Day!

The weather was beyond awesome today. We got so much accomplished. Hubby spent the whole day working on the chicken coop getting the new nesting area ready for the chicks we should be receiving in the next few weeks.

I managed to clean up some of the poo piles in the pasture and cleaned up some of the wood from the trees we cut last month. Two of our neighbors visited today. One helped cut up more of the wood from those trees and the other came to talk about our tractor with Hubby. Brother Bear was Hubby's helper all day long in the chicken coop and with digging holes in the dirt. Yikes, what a mess he made. I think half the yard was washed off of him during the shower. Sister Bear had a birthday party at the roller rink so I had to take her there and bring her back. Thank goodness it lasted three hours. We were able to get a lot done that way. She missed out on a great day but had fun with her friends.

So another day at the Wonder Why...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kidney Foundation Scrap

Today my friend Dee and I went to Kalamazoo for a Kidney Foundation Fundraiser. I finally got to meet all of her friends that I have heard so much about forever. We had a great time, signed a few more people up for the Michigan Organ Donor Registry via the Gift of Life Michigan, scrapped a bunch of pages and I even learned to do some basic knitting stitches. Hooray!

When I came home I was pleased to see that Hubby had washed the dishes, made dinner for the kids and even put more hay in the alpaca barn, only three bails but who's being picky?

Another scrapbooking fundraiser is set for Saturday, April 25 here in Battle Creek. I am excited because I can get more pages done and better yet, learn more knitting.

So why knitting? Well, I have the awesome alpaca fiber that I am going to be processing once the May shearing date gets here and I would like to learn more about the end product so I can market my fiber to the the right people.

I am so excited because I was able to talk to some knitters and spinners today. They gave me some great ideas one where to market and who to market my fiber to.

Hooray, double hooray!

So what's on the calender for tomorrow? Well, the house needs cleaned, the pasture needs scooped free of poo and I have an alpaca meeting to go to in Olivet with our vet...


So the time has come for me to officially blog. Apparently status updates on facebook don't qualify. I figure between the alpaca farm, volunteering for the Gift of Life Michigan, kid happenings and such, I needed another outlet to speak. Apparently I don't voice my thoughts enough out loud so now you are going to get them in writing. Hooray!

So enjoy!