Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Story

Having a good friend is not as common as most people would assume.  Yes, we have a lot of people who we would like to call friends but ultimately, they are usually only good acquaintances.  Really, when push comes to shove most people who you think "have your back" don't.  Now, I don't want you to think that I'm super-negative because I'm not but I am very realistic when it comes to "friendship" because people who I thought were my "friends" ended up not being what they professed to be.
I try to trust people and to let them in but most end up failing me.  Do I have high standards?  Yes. I also expect people to give like I give.  Friendship can't be one-sided.  Anyways, that's my soapbox for the day and it's not the point of my blog but I wanted to emphasize that there are some truly awesome people out there who are so thoughtful and kind and think about others and don't have ulterior motives for their acts of kindness.

So, that brings me to Holly and her pigs (the pigs are her three sons).  Anyways, my kids(the bears) and I spent last Friday afternoon at her house to visit, knit, play and be merry since all the schools were closed due to H1N1 and were we all healthy.   
(this pic is the three pigs and two bears)

During the course of our visit we talked about how I have been working with Sister Bear and Brother Bear on reading and how we've been struggling with what books to read and how to keep captivated.  Well, I was in the right place with the right people because her boys LOVE TO READ!    We started talking about our favorite series that we read growing up and what books her boys really enjoy.  Holly threw a few different books at Sister Bear while we were there to catch her interest and promised that she would put together a collection for her to try.

Well, today Sister Bear got her gift of reading from Holly...and Pig 1.  A wide variety of books that we could have found in the library but that special note from Holly makes the intrigue of reading these stories so much better because Sister Bear looks up to Pig 1 and she is more likely to want to read something he has "approved" of. So which book did Sister Bear decide she wants to read first?

Now I haven't heard of Geronimo Stilton but she has and she started reading it right away.  The book that I wanted her to pick...and eventually she will get to it is one of my favorites growing up.

I loved reading the Boxcar Children when I was her age.  I always wanted to go on their adventures.  Heck, that's why I still love to read...I love the adventures that the characters go on, the places they see, the people they meet, the mystery, the romance, the...well, you get the point.  I hope that Sister Bear get's the point too! 

So, thank you Holly and Pig 1 for helping your friend Sister Bear find a love of reading that I have been struggling to do.

Sister Bear and Brother Bear ready for an reading! Actually, trick or treating but this picture was too darn cute not to yes, they dressed up to read.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sister Bear and the Fiber Expo

Once upon a time there was a....wait!  This isn't a fairy tale and it's not a new Berenstain Bear story, although those books are what inspired me to call my children Brother Bear and Sister Bear, this is a recap of my daughter's first ever Fiber Arts Festival.

(the first pic is Rita from Yarn Hollow and Sister Bear with her new purple super wash roving)

This last weekend we went to Ann Arbor for their Fiber Expo and had a wonderful Mother-Daughter Day!  Sister Bear packed her drop spindle because she has learned that you never know when you will have a few minutes to spin some awesome yarn.

As soon as we walked into the building we felt right at home.  What greeted us were some adorable alpaca from Triple Diamond Ranch.  Sister Bear went right up to give them some of her alpaca greetings then quickly walked past them to see the sheep.

For once I didn't have many rules.  This was a day about touching, asking questions, learning, and exploring.  I let her lead the way.  Of course, the way led right to the angora rabbits.  We got to see one get sheared.  She thought that was awesome.  I did too but we were already told that we were not to come home with any angora.  I didn't quite listen.  I bought this beautiful dyed angora/merino batt to spin.

I already know what I am going to do with it and it will be a yummy yarn blended with some of my suri.  Yes!  Yummy, indeed!

Next we watched some ladies work on wet-felting some scarves.  Um,....I think I will stick to my spinning and leave the felting to friends.  I just don't have a desire to even try it...yet.

We then talked with some ladies using spindles that we had never seen before.  This one is a floor spindle or Navajo Spindle.  She explained how it worked and what she was doing as far as modifying it's use by using the base and also she was simply spinning not plying.  She gave Sister Bear a nice little lesson on how it works differently that using the drop spindle.  The best part was that Sister Bear really listened.  She didn't get restless or bored.  She was truly digging the whole fiber education day and I loved it!

We also watch her demonstrate using her another type of spindle that requires a base on the floor that you use your feet to spin.  It's called a Mother Marion Kick Spindle. (Thank you, Spinny, for letting me know!)

Anyways, as you can see my little girl was...well, goodness, she was too darn cute standing their watching the demonstration.

We did a walk through of both buildings and got the basic idea of what was where then I said we could walk back through again and S-H-O-P!  Woo Hoo!  My little girl loves to shop as much as me!  Plus she had money to burn because she won $6 with her blue ribbons at Michigan State Grange last week because of her awesome spinning and photography.  Yes, Sister Bear is a Rockstar!

Well, she wanted fiber and she wanted this really cool necklace made by some awesome ladies who were demonstrating macrame.  Now, it wasn't so much the weaving that got her attention as it was the stones.  Yes, Sister Bear has a rock collection that has driven me crazy but she wanted the necklace and of course charmed the shop owners into a discount so with a little help from Bank Of Mom, she bought her beautiful necklace with a Mexican Rainbow Obsidian stone.

Of course I reminded her, at this point, that she didn't have any money left to buy fiber.  "But, Mom, you will share with me, won't you?"  Oh, how can I look into those adorable eyes and say no?  Wait, I do it all the time, don't I?

Well, we found some beautiful dyed corriedale/firestar that we had to buy.  Really, we HAD to!  I promised that I would let her have some of the roving to spin.  Our final stop was my favorite, though.

We stopped and visited Rita from Yarn Hollow.  I already had bought some lovely roving from her at the Allegan Fiber Fest but there I was looking at all of her beautiful roving and yarn along with the awesome SpinSanity Spindles at her booth.  I wanted Sister Bear to see what beautiful colors Rita creates.  Well, Sister Bear met Yarn Hollow and Sister Bear went home with a lovely purple paisley merino superwash to spin.

I picked out a gorgeous Superwash called Sunflower.

I don't always have to spin alpaca, you know.  Her colors are so gorgeous!  Plus, I'm sure I will find a way to blend it with my alpaca...I usually do.

On the drive home, I asked Sister Bear what she thought.

She said she NEEDS to go with me EVERY TIME I go to Fiber Shows.

Yikes!  Did I just create a little fiber monster?  Well, she did go straight home and start spinning her new roving.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do I Have Convictions?

I haven't been to church in a year.  The reason being is that my pastor didn't think before he spoke and he offended me so terribly that I quit volunteering in the Youth Ministries and I quit going to that church.  It's sad because I really liked that church and my children were really enjoying it but it took only one conversation to make me so sick to my stomach that I REFUSE to go back!

Do I have convictions?  Hell, yes!  Am I supposed to forgive and forget?  Yeah, I'm supposed to.  Am I supposed to put others first?  I always do.  Do I believe in God?  Yup!  Do I tolerate hypocrites?  NO!

So, what started the whole not going to church thing?  Well, in November each year the Gift of Life, which I am a volunteer for, has National Donor Sabbath Week.  It's a week where faith communities around the country can celebrate organ donation and also register new organ donors. 

I had been going to this church for awhile and also been volunteering in the Sunday School so I thought I would go to my pastor (who wouldn't know me from a hole in the wall because the church has an auditorium for it's sanctuary) and ask if he would like our church to participate.

I wasn't asking for a sermon to be said but I wanted some form of participation even a simple moment of silence, a brief part in a prayer, an insert in the program...just something that said that my church was aware of organ donation.  I gave him a great book that I had been given by the Gift of Life Michigan showing what the different faiths do for this week and it also had a great section listing how all religions view organ donation so even if a particular church or pastor felt a certain way they could see what their religion as a whole viewed it.

Well, I dropped off the booklet and explained what I was asking then waited to hear back from him.  I did!  He basically told me that this was political propaganda and he lumped me in with all the politicians who were running for office asking for endorsements.

Yeah, you heard right.  He acted like my request was for personal gain.  I reminded him that Jesus was the first to GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE but his mind was set.  Well, so was mine and I haven't been back since.  You see, he could have told me a bazillion other more tactful reasons why he wouldn't participate but to say it's political propaganda.  That just burned me something awful!

Had that pastor ever spoken with someone who had received the Gift of Life?  Had he ever spoken to a Donor Family who in their grief chose to donate their loved ones organs so that another person(s) could live?  Did he even care? 

The Sunday of Donor Sabbath Week, was the last time I went to that church and do you want to know what they did for the first 10 minutes of the service?  Oh, you don't want to know but I will tell you.  They had posted some photos of 1970's era Gospel Album Covers and super-imposed church staff member's faces on them.  There was a lot of laughter from the congregation and then a message about perceptions or something like that was the sermon.

I sat there wanting to cry because this is what "my" church felt was important meanwhile someone somewhere was lying in a hospital bed dying because they needed a kidney, liver, heart, lung, cornea, tissue, bone marrow, etc...

That's why I'm not going to THAT church anymore.  I haven't found the right one/right fit since then plus the hurt was very strong.  I know that this is a touchy subject but you know what?  This is something I believe in.  I don't think all churches are bad or even that "my" church is bad.  I don't think that the pastor is a bad man but I decided that based on his comments and what he chose to do during that church service that I couldn't continue listening to his sermons.

The week of Donor Sabbath  my father, who had received a Double Lung Transplant in 2003, was in ICU at Henry Ford because he was in chronic rejection.  My father, who had received the Gift of Life, was still fighting to live.  He never would have had that chance to fight if some wonderful person hadn't signed up to be an organ donor.

Most people think that signing the back of your driver's license means your registered to be a donor. NOT TRUE!  The back of the license is worthless and the Secretary of State is going to get rid of that.  You NEED to REGISTER with the Gift of Life Michigan.  GO TO THE WEBSITE and check it out.  Your name will be linked to a national registry and hospitals can pull up records and work much faster because the information is readily available. 

Anyways, this post is NOT about the evils of the church. Goodness no!  I wanted you to understand why I haven't been to church and also wanted to promote National Donor Sabbath because not all churches will treat you like mine treated me.  It's all about EDUCTION.  Apparently it's just not the pastors educating the congregation, the congregation needs to educate the pastor.  Maybe he'll read this, maybe not.  I know what I believe in and I have not problems telling the world about my beliefs.

Here is the post I copied from the Gift of Life Michigan website.  Please read!  Check out their website for more details. It really is important to ask your church to participate, hopefully you won't have the awful experience I had.

National Donor Sabbath
November 13-15, 2009

Faith communities across the country will celebrate the gifts of life, sight and mobility through National Donor Sabbath weekend. You can support this event by encouraging your congregation to sign up on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.
Information and support materials can be downloaded here.
To order a Faith Leader Resource Guide, ribbon bookmarks, pens or Donor Registry brochures, please contact us or call 800-482-4881. You may also request a speaker for your worship service, a volunteer to staff a table during fellowship or a donor family quilt to display.
To have your faith community's name added to the Donor Registry sign-up list (to track how many sign up in your community), please contact Jennifer Tislerics at or 800-482-4881, ext. 1048.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Cast on, baby!  Yeah!

Last night I met up with the healthy Battle Creek portion of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters at the Barnes and Noble in the Lakeview Square Mall where we meet once a month to knit. 

I had debated about going because the Greater Battle Creek Area has been infested with the dreaded H1N1 Flu Virus nka Zombie Flu.(I made that up, by the way but feel free to start using it)  I armed myself with Clorox Wipes, Death Threats to all sick people and my knitting needles because I wanted to start knitting my Sassy Eyelet Cap that I fell in love with in the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting.

I was trying to work out ways that I could meet up with KnitWithSnot so we can work through the pattern together but her 3 Pigs and my 2 Bears have been home due to all the area schools closing down to fight the Zombie Flu and SpinSanity was going to be at BN which meant that I would have AWESOME teaching me how to knit in the round, read a new pattern and understand some new knitting terms without the possibly of cross-contaminating the Vicksburg strain and the Harper Creek strain of the Zombie Flu. 

You see, I have only been knitting since March and I am still a MAJOR...novice (what did you think I was going to say? Pain in the butt?  Well, it depends on where you're sitting...get it?  bahahaha) at knitting.

Well, as usual, SpinSanity didn't fail me and I have officially cast on using my homespun yarn grown right here on the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm!  This is a two ply yarn I'm calling Haze's Autumn Breeze since the yarn came from my boy, Baronson's Haze and my girl, Sugar Breeze.  First I want to start by saying that Vogue Knitting says this is a VERY EASY Pattern.  Well, yeah, if you already know how to knit on the round, read patterns, understand instructions and abbreviations along with knowing how to create certain stitches.  Apparently, VERY EASY is a term that an experienced knitter created.  NEVER FEAR!  Remember, I surround myself with AWESOME so I sat next to SpinSanity and she walked me through the paces.

First she corrected the way that I was casting on.  See, we started at the VERY BEGINNING.  I knitted and I purled then she showed me how to INTENTIONALLY YO(yarn over), since I have been unintentionally doing it for the last few months and apparently I have also been intentionally VI (visable increase) too.  Go figure, well now I understand how my scarves that should have 15 stitches end up with 19. 

It took two hours of quite concentration.  Yes, I WAS QUITE.  Apparently in order for my brain to work my mouth needs to be shut.  I completed 11 lines of the pattern.  Whew!  This is not going to be a VERY EASY project for me but once I finish it will be AWESOME and I will have learned a whole lot which I will be able to apply to future projects.

Again, I am totally pleased because I have also chosen to use my own yarn instead of store bought.  My husband thinks I am wasting my beautiful suri yarn on a project that I might make mistakes on.  Geez!  I told him that what better yarn for me to use.  I took so much pride in raising these alpaca, processing their fiber and spinning it.  Now wouldn't I take even greater care not to vary from the pattern so that I can do my WONDER YARN justice?  Of course!

So...there will be a lot of silence at the Wonder Farm while I'm concentrating on my newest knitting project.  All you will hear is the glorious hum of the alpaca grazing in the pasture and the chant of "I think I can, I think I can...buzzing through my head."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OKD? Obessive Knitting Disorder

I have a problem.  Oh, it's an easy one to fix but it requires patience which is something I lack.  When I want something, I fixate.  As you have seen in recent blogposts I obsess and succeed in most cases.  I wanted to knit, so I knit (not the prettiest knitting but knitting none-the-less); I wanted to spin so I spin (now that is going exceptionally well); I wanted an alpaca farm (boy, oh boy did I ever create on of those); I wanted two adorable children (yup!  Brother Bear and Sister Bear have done the trick)...and the list goes on.

When I want something, I usually get it...within reason.  I am a practical gal, really I am.  Ok, reading Vogue Knitting doesn't sound practical, does it?  Oh, get over your misconceptions about "vogue"  all it means is the current trends and that, my friend, is me being practical by seeing what is popular!

So the problem I'm having is that I've started looking at all the knitting magazines and I am falling in love with projects and patterns way beyond my scope of knowledge.  I'm the girl who literally Yo Yo Yo'd it because I didn't realize that YO means Yarn Over in knitting terms.  I don't understand most patterns.  If you ask me what kind of casting on I'm doing, I'll say something smart like "with yarn and needle"  I drool over my friend's projects not remembering that some of them have been knitting for years and I've only been knitting for a few months only seeing that they are so totally awesome and I want to knit just like they do.

I guess that's what happens when you surround yourself with awesome.  Anyways, I need/want to learn to knit on the round so I can make hats, socks, mittens, sweaters...and I have found a project.  Is it the project that most instructors would begin a student with?  I doubt it but I love the hat and it's what I want and when I want something....I'm going to get it!

Is it positive thinking that gets me there or is it pure tenancity?  I would like to think it's a bit of both.

So, in the next day or so I am going to pester one of my friends to help me get started on this hat that I found in Vogue Knitting.  Help me understand the pattern and where to use my stitch markers (which I've never needed before) and to see if I finally get the whole gage thing since this will be sitting on my head!

Wish me luck?  Nope!  Please wish me patience because I have a feeling I'm going to be inventing some new curse words on this project but when it's finished!  It will be awesome.  Would you expect anything less than that?

By the way, you can TOTALLY see me wearing this hat, can't you?  I know, isn't it awesome!  

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Can I Whack The Yarn?

What on earth is "whacking" yarn?

You think I'm crazy and I'm just making up fun words when I'm exploring fiber arts, don't you?

I'm not!

When I first learned how to spin way back...a few months ago. I had fun learning all sorts of new and sometimes naughty terminology.  Yes, with the "right" mind many spinning terms can cause a lot of laughter.

Well, one of the fun terms is Whacking.

Once I finish spinning the yarn, I need to wash it. No, I don't put it in the washing machine but I do fill a sink with hot water and a drop or two of dishsoap then I let the yarn soak for about a 1/2 hour.  This allows the fibers to relax and the twists I've created to set.  It also gets all  my stinky greasy hand gook off the yarn.

After I have rinsed the yarn and squeezed out the water, I gently roll the yarn in a towel to get a bit more of the excess moisture out then I get to whack the yarn.

Whacking it simply means that I take the skein of yarn against the counter and whap it a few times while rotating the yarn.  It helps set the twist and lengthens the yarn.  I am careful during the whole process not to agitate the yarn because I don't want to felt it (which is a totally different process).  The final step is to hang the yarn until it dries then it's ready to be turned from a skein into a ball to be knitted.

Cool, eh?  Yup!  That's the novice version of Whacking and I'm sure an experienced spinner will tell me I'm doing it all wrong but...hey, speak up and teach me the right way then, Yoda!  I am like Luke, ready to use the Force!

So, today I let my daughter whack my newest skein because she thought the word was funny too.

Yes, my children are gaining my sense of humor.  Watch out world!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finished Fiber Fun

Remember a few weeks back I was working like crazy to finish my scarf to be used as a door prize for the Alpaca Wonder Weekend.  Yeah, that didn't happen but of course that's why I had Plan B which was to get an awesome knitting friend to knit a scarf out of yarn I spun.  Thank you Holly!

Well, I finally finished the scarf last Friday and washed it yesterday.  Isn't it beautiful!    It's a lovely Staggard Rib Scarf off a free pattern I got on Ravelry.

Since I didn't get it done in time for the open house I have been debating what to do with it.  Pretty much everyone said that I should keep it because it was my first hand spun from my herd....I think I might.  It is definitely beautiful...I can't see a family member wearing it but it would match my coat.  I wish I was a faster knitter so I could have given it away wasn't in the cards.

So,  another fiber fun item I want to share with you is what my adorable daughter has been working on.  She is a little maniac on her drop spindle.  I joined the Home Grange #129 and right now State Grange is having their big  meetings including contests.  KnitWithSnot suggested that I enter something that Sister Bear had been making.  She hasn't been spinning long but we had plied together what she had completed so we tagged it and bagged it and now my daughter has officially entered her spinning into a contest. 

She has also been working on me to hand over my spinning wheel.  Yeah, that's not happening but I told her whenever she needs to ply, Mommy will let her use it.

Now if only I could look that cute while sitting at the wheel.  So what did she create?

Well a Sassy little yarn, of course!

She is also getting upset because I haven't taught her to knit. I have the needles and the yarn all set but every time I ask her if she's ready to learn she decides she would rather do something else.  Then at bed time she tells me that I need to teach her, "Like Now! Mom!"

Goodness, where did that attitude come from?

Hey, I guess that all artists, even fiber artists, get temperamental.  I will teach her and she will be super amazing because that's my little girl.

So those are the fun fiber projects going on.  I did end up entering my scarf in the women's knitting competition.  Wonder Why?  Why not!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Wonder of Mystery

Midnight Magic's Mystery is our newest addition to the Wonder Herd.  He came to us from Janus Alpaca, in Idaho, and he is gorgeous! 
We intend on finding another farm to co-own him with us but until then we are breeding our couple of huacaya females and selling some breedings so we can pay him off.

We had to wait until October 1 to get him because Snowmass wanted to use him this summer.  He has low micron, tightly crimped dense fleece.  He is amazing!
So today we let him meet our open female, Sprite, who just had her cria on August 30th.  She is ready to be rebred and I want to get her pregnant before the true cold of autumn begins.  Oops!  I live in Michigan so that day has already came and went this year.  Anyway, we wanted to breed them as soon as possible.

If today's breeding was successfull, which we'll find out over the next few days via behavior testing then we will hopefully have a cria born around  September 17, 2010

A long time to wait for Mystery's 25 minute romp with Sprite but our hope is that the outcome is a Wonderful Cria!

So, if you are interested in a breeding to our Mystery, please contact us.

Rule #32 Enjoy The Little Things - Zombieland

Thursday was my birthday and it was pretty uneventful at the farm mostly because Hubby isn't into celebrating much except for Christmas.  Yippee!  I love to celebrate EVERYTHING.  So it's rare that I get a card from my kids...oh well, I got a few big hugs.  Woo Hoo!  I suppose Brother Bear feels the same since I was in Flint at the Michigan Alpaca Fest instead of home with him on his birthday although I did celebrate with him a few days before's not the same whether your seven or...eek!  35. 

I decided to let my family off the hook this year.  Why?  Because my awesome friends from the Zombie Prom Date Knitters and I were going on our first ever ZOMBIE SLAYER BALL.  We were going to dress up and see Zombieland!

We started the day out at Full City Cafe where they had promised an awesome tasty sundae if we had at least six zombie slayers show up.  Well, we sure showed up in the rain with our prom dresses on and our knitting in hand.  We knitted and had a grand ol' time until the movie would start.  I even finished my alpaca scarf that I had meant to finish the weekend before. HOORAY!  It's not as long as I wanted it but it was all I had spun for my first skein of alpaca from my farm and it was spun quite differently than what I am spinning now so if I were to add another skein it wouldn't look quite right.  It will be a perfect dress scarf because it is long enough to fold in the front and be tucked into the jacket but I must admit, I LOVE long scarves so the next one I knit will have to have plenty of yardage to get the perfect length.

  These were some of the Full City Cafe pics.  Really, we were having a blast and I got to hang out with theotherlaura, yes that's her name, which I haven't done since I joined the group last spring.

Wow!  Has it only been since last spring?  I am having such a wonderful time it feels like I've been with these ladies for years.

Anyways, we went off to the movie which was totally amazing and that's when more of the Zombie Slayers showed up including Carina and Kim.

Before I forget because my mind does wander, please see other reviews of our evening at Holly and Carina's blogs.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program.

The movie was a blast and this is what we learned.  There are many rules that you need to survive in a world full of zombies and believe me, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

Please take note of the following:  ZOMBIELAND RULES
I'm not listing them all because another website has so thoughtfully taken care of that already but please visit that website because these are the rules you need to survive! 

For our evening out, we were sure to use #27 BUDDY SYSTEM!
Because, obviously, there were stranger characters roaming the streets of Downtown Kalamazoo than our group.

We finished the evening off at Monaco Bay, a piano bar that had a fun atmosphere and an awesome waitress and the token drunken fake boobed lady and her much older date for us to mock because honestly, I think that girl was part zombie but alas, they wouldn't let us into the bar with our super sharp shovels so our only tool to defend ourselves was our amazing wit and awesome intellect and of course, our dancing! 

Yes, the birthday girls (me and Snotty) entertained the bar in our gorgeous Zombie Slayer Prom Dresses....RULE #34 WEAR PANTS UNDER PROM DRESS so you can be more comfortable while slaying zombies. 

Also RULE#18 LIMBER UP because you never know when you'll break out into a dance.

To all you other October Zombie Slayers out there:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   May your evening of birthday entertainment be as fun as ours and remember RULE#32 ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Wonder Of It All...

I love telling everyone I meet about the wonder of alpacas. Wait! Did I miss you? Naw! That's not possible because according to some "friends" that's all I seem to talk about. Oh well! Real friends would understand that this is not just a hobby for me it's also my new career and it's a career that I am finally excited about. Ok, it's not paying the bills yet but it is paying off in so many other wonderful ways until then.

On Saturday when I hosted the first ever Alpaca Wonder Weekend, we had door prizes. My favorite door prize was a scarf that was made from my boy, Baronson's Haze, which we blended with dyed Merino Top into a gorgeous roving that I spun into yarn. Now that's where it get's tricky because you see I am not a fast knitter nor do I pretend to be and I'm not a very good knitter and I definately don't pretend to be one but I am surrounded by awesome.

Well, I went to the definition of awesome and asked her to help me with a super secret wonder project which included knitting and my yarn. Of course Holly said yes and she found the perfect pattern to make the scarf. She was such a trooper volunteering to knit a scarf for me in such a short time frame and her creation was gorgeous!

Well, I waited until Sunday to draw the names of the prize winners from the big day because, honestly, I was whipped once everyone had left Saturday. I had the best time calling all the winners Sunday and they were all very excited. A couple stopped by on Sunday to pick up their gifts and to visit the Wonder Herd and the winner of the WonderSnot Scarf came over Monday afternoon.

Yes, I said WonderSnot. What else do you call a create that both the WonderWhyGal and KnitWithSnot teamed up to create?

She was overjoyed because she had never one anything before. What surprised me was she showed up at the farm with flowers for me. Me! I was in shock! Here I had invited her to the farm to get a prize and she brought me beautiful flowers. What a sweetheart. I was very excited because Holly aka KnitWithSnot would be stopping by too so that the winner, Susan, would also get to meet the lady who knitted the prize.

I know I spun the yarn but the real beauty of the scarf came from my friend's knitting. I mean what's yarn if it's just sitting on a shelf or in a bag. It needs to be used!

I gave Susan a picture of Haze along with a lock of his raw fiber and a bit of the roving so she could see the wonder in the process of making her scarf. She got to visit with Haze too. I wanted her prize to be more than just a scarf. I wanted her to know the wonder that is needed to create the beauty she would be wearing.

I hope she found the event and her prize special. I hope that she cherishes the scarf and all the love that went into it. I know when I'm spinning I think abou the alpaca that the roving comes from and I think how lucky I am to be able to look out at the amazing alpaca grazing in my pasture.

I hope she looks at that scarf and thinks of what it means to have good friends who will be there when you need them and will do selfless acts of kindness for a friend just because. No judgements, no conditions, just because... Ok, I am officially naming that scarf the WonderSnot Friendship Scarf before I get too icky icky sentimental. Mental being the key part of the word :-)

So Susan, you enjoy your alpaca scarf and Holly keep being your awesome self and hopefully I can spread that awesome to another friend one day.