Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Whistle While You Work

I have decided that I prefer spinning to knitting. 

 Whoa!  Where did that newsflash come from? 

Of course you all figured it out before I did. Or did you?  dum dum dum (oh, that sounded much more dramatic in my head.)  Anyways, I have been on a spinning kick in avoidance of the Clap(otis) that I've been knitting since...December 18.  Many of my fellow ZPDK have already finished theirs.  I'm so jealous because they are so darn beautiful.  I will finish this though.  I'm getting closer to the home stretch. 

A couple of things I've figured out, though. 
1. I was tricked into knitting a Kidney Kozie size project which means when the next challenge comes, I can't say that I can't knit a shawl like everyone else.  Darn you sneaky ZPDK!  P.S.  I LOVE YOU for your creativity!

2.  I really need to think about the yarn I use for each project.  Although I love the yarn I picked and the colors...I wish I had picked something with larger color blocks.  This is a bit busier than I had hoped for and when I color swatched it, it didn't seem so...busy. 

I'll still where it and love it but the next one I make will be with a thinner yarn and larger blocks of color.  Heck...I might just have to spin my own.  I already imagine my Confetti Reign in this pattern with all of her natural blending of white and brown.  Oh, I love my Suri...

3.  I really do get bored easily.  I was all for this scarf but now I've been stuck in Section 3...FOREVER!

Well, I will conquer the Clap!  I have to.  It was a contagious knitting project that the ZPDK caught and slowly everyone is finding a cure but me...

By the way, the cure is actually knitting the darn scarf instead of blogging about it.

Yes, the final thing I've learned: 

Blogging does not finish your knitting project any faster.  You must actually knit. 

Go figure!

1 comment:

  1. I hear you! I am currently not cleaning or finishing any knitting right now.

    Keep up the good work! It will be done sooner than you think! It's lovely. Your Clap will match everything!!!

    The Sneaky One