Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ravelympics - Pete and Repeat


Huh?  Was it just a year ago...heck, just a few months ago that those letters would have confused me.  Oh, yeah!  Well, those aren't merely letters, they are just one row from the chart I'm following for my most recent project.

I've successfully knitted three hats so I decided that part of my Ravelympics Challenge was to knit a hat from my hand spun using a charted pattern.  Now, the last time I did this it made me cry but I'm glutton for punishment so I decided to challenge myself again and where did I Vogue Knitting.

Curse you, Vogue Knitting, with your beautiful patterns!  No, really...I LOVE Vogue Knitting and the beautiful patterns in it, I just wish that their version of "Very Easy" was what the reality of "Very Easy" was.  Maybe it was the first pattern I picked.  Maybe it was the Magic Loop.  Maybe it just wasn't the right time.  I was under immense emotional stress at that time.  Regardless, I am not going to linger on that other pattern anymore.  When the time is right, I will knit it...with my handspun.

So, there it was staring me in the face.  Duh!  On the cover of Vogue Knitting was an adorable hat...and I could understand the pattern.  The funny thing is that the pattern was right next to the one that was breaking my heart.  I took my lovely hand spun Confetti Reign that I spun this weekend and cast on.

I didn't post my pattern on Ravelry at first because I didn't know if the pattern would work. Even yesterday while I was knitting the ribbing...I wasn't sure.  I'm still not sure on the ribbing because this hat is 100% Suri, I can already tell that it is loose but I will wait until I'm done and figure something out...really, I will because I LOVE my Suri Alpaca and I need to figure something out for future knits and for customers who buy my handspun.

Which brings me to my final thought.  People who spin really need to knit from their hand spun.  WoW!  I already am learning from my knitting how to improve my spinning.  I had an experienced spinner look over my yarn recently and give me some pointers and my knitting has reinforced her suggestions.  It's not that it isn't lovely can always be improved.  I am looking forward to knitting this hat in the next few days and watching the pattern emerge.

I still need to finish my Clapotis for the WIPdancing event but I can only knit one object at a time and heck, I have another week left to get it done.

I can't wait to see the progress I make today on this hat so, until tomorrow, knit on!


  1. The hat is looking great! Really proud of you!

  2. As a newbie knitter I was completely frustrated with a pattern I chose. I frogged it at least a dozen times. Then I changed needle size just for Sh*ts & grins and VOILA! Freaking perfection! Can't wait to see your Suri hat:)

  3. I know what you mean about learning to use a pattern. I bought yarn for the Ravelympics shawl and just couldn't even get a good start. Everything I've ever done has been so simple I didn't even really need a pattern. When I was in Virginia, I figured I'd be stuck in airports, so I bought some cheap-on-sale yarn and there was the "next step" pattern. I frogged it after several inches and suddenly got the hang of it. It's my first two-skein project and I am half-way through.
    Love your hat and your beautiful yarn!

  4. Love that you knit it with your own yarn!!!

    Trisha Malcolm, Ed in Chief, Vogue Knitting