Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who's training who?

Ah, Spring!  I love this time of year.  The days are slowing getting longer, the birds have returned from down south, flower bulbs are starting to emerge from the soil, frogs talking in the marsh, alpaca poo hidden under snow now ready to be scooped.  Yes, I love Spring. 

Another thing that happens in Spring is halter training the cria on the farm.  This is my first year with cria actually born on the farm although I purchased a couple of young alpaca last year that I halter trained.  I've had ups and downs with my halter training.  Anyone who was around me at the Michigan fall show knows about the halter training saga with my beautiful girl, Morning Mist.  Apparently I trained her to cush. Oops!
 Sugar's Sunshine of Wonder
Well, this is a new year and Spring means a fresh start so my newest cria are getting ready for their first show which is the Indiana Invitational in just a few weeks.  My Sunshine of Wonder is doing great.  She has her moments but she is walking with me.  
SpinSanity's fleece

SpinSanity of Wonder
SpinSanity of Wonder is having a harder time.  Of course we have also recently weaned him from his mom so he is experiencing a lot of changes.  We have a few weeks so I'm not worried but I do wish the mud would go away so that walking in the pasture wouldn't be such a mess.
SpinSanity and Sunshine
September 2009
Speaking of mess, the other fun Spring Cleaning task is to take my gorgeous black herd sire, Midnight Magic's Mystery, and get him ready for show.  Oh, he walks on the lead wonderfully but being a black alpaca the veggie matter shows up terribly.  I think he dips his head in the hay feeder anytime I come near the barn with my camera.  Argh!
Midnight Magic's Mystery
So, two shows to prepare for in the next few weeks.  Yikes! 


  1. They're all so cute - I'm sure they'll do great at their shows!


  2. Oh my gosh Andrea! SpinSanity's fleece is absolutely gorgeous!! I really have to come visit before you shear them to see them in all their fuzzy glory!

  3. The cria are getting so big!

    I can't believe how fluffy they are now!

    Keep up the great work!