Friday, April 30, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday - Friendship and Fiber Arts

I am writing this blog in the early morning hours before I leave for the Michigan Breeders Show in Davisburg, Michigan where I will be taking three of my Alpacas to compete in halter competition.  I plan on this being my last show of the year mainly due to finances.  I will use the remainder of my budget for fiber festivals in the fall.  Anyways, my thoughts have turned to the great friends I've made since I learned to knit and spin. 
 Oh, I didn't spin or knit these...they were a gift.

I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.
I've officially been spinning a year...on a drop spindle. That's me, last April.

I used to have a friend.  Yes, used to as in past tense, who wanted to charge me for everything even to learn how to knit.  Can you imagine that?  She thought have a few bucks was more important than spending quality time with a friend having a common interest.  I learned quickly that our "friendship" was one sided.  I would do anything for her and she would invoice me for whatever she did.  Yeah, not cool.

Well, I had another friend, Dee, who is a wonderful person.  She said that I needed to meet her friend Holly who loved to knit and was totally awesome. She didn't tell me that Holly was married to an Ogre, mother to three little pigs or that she knitted with snot and slayed zombies...those just happened to be bonus features in my new friend.  The fact that she came with a whole knitting group of awesome and that they also were fabulous knitters and spinners, well that was just the hand-whipped topping on the most delicious cake you can imagine.
It's been a year now since I picked up my first drop spindle that I won at a National Kidney Foundation Fundraiser made by Shannon aka SpinSanity.  It's officially been a year since I met the Zombie Prom Date Knitters and learned that you shouldn't have to enjoy fiber arts alone, that we are all women who need an outlet to talk, vent, laugh, play, live, and that we need to look beyond ourselves and help others by volunteering.  We occasionally also have to be girls and work through little issues, but hey...that's what great friends and great knitting groups are for and we help each other work through our problems one stitch at a time.

Sometimes I think I miss that "friend" but realize that she actually did me a favor by being a jerk.  Her selfish behavior led me to the most amazing and talented group of friends.  Our group meets almost any day of the week depending on who's available but every Tuesday we meet at the Koffee Klutch in Galesburg.  I normally don't get to go because of work but this week I was able to.  It's been three months since I last went to a Tuesday gathering.  Although my morning started out slow and a bit grumpy, it quickly turned to giggles, laughter and kinship.  We shared our projects and our stories.  Holly's Dad, Sir FrogsAlot aka Marty, knitted me a pair of socks.  I LOVE KNITTED SOCKS!  I have yet to knit a pair of knitted socks.  The only knitted socks I own are ones that were made the wrong size for other people.  I'm a size 9, by the way.  WINK WINK
 SirFrogsAlot made me a pair of socks in colors I adore because he knew I was having a rough time lately dealing with my Dad's death, being sick and stressed, etc.   I LOVE THESE SOCKS!
SirFrogsAlot and the WonderWhyGal April 2009
I love the fact that a pair of knitted socks totally made my day and the fact that an adorable man cared enough to knit me socks.  Thank you, Marty xoxo.  So that's my melancholy submission to FAF. What started this train of though...Marty and my socks along with Holly being my Wonder Intern for yet another Alpaca event.  Friendship and Fiber Arts go hand in hand, stitch by stitch, twist by twist...You get the point.

I am meeting with some amazing Fiber Artists that reside right here in Michigan at the Michigan Breeders Show and I plan to interview them and take pics so I can share some hidden treasures right here in my neck of the woods for future posts. This week I spun a bunch of my Suri and knitted a Cowl, tore apart said cowl then knitted a shawl which ended up childsize (I really need to investigate this knit gauge thing people talk about).  I'm taking my Lendrum to the show so I can demonstrate my awesome spinning.  Wow, it's hard to believe I've only been spinning a year.  What a year. What adventures in Fiber Arts did you have this week?
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  1. YOu nailed it. That's what fiber arts and fridays are about.

    I'm sorry about the loss of your other friendship though. I want everyone to "get" the fiber love.

    See you soon!!

  2. You have such a great group of friends! So wish I lived closer.

  3. You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful knitting community!

  4. Love this post. I had a great bunch of knitting friends when I lived in L.A. After moving from there, I haven't and reading your post makes me realize how much I need that again.

  5. Great post Andrea! Best to you this weekend. I was at the Whitecaps game last night and didn't get my post put together for today. I have to get it done after work so I can annouce the winner of the "guess who" contest. Happy FAF!

  6. I think the only thing better than handknit socks are handknit socks lovely made for you by someone who understands how awesome they are, and understands why you need a pair of handknit socks when you needed them. Wonderful post, as usual!

  7. Another comment I wanted to make...

    I have a friend who believes that it's her duty -- literally -- to teach other people skills for free that she has that they don't have if they ask to learn. She believes that this is her way of contributing positively to the world, by teaching others how to craft useful things, and she doesn't feel that it's right at all for her to charge people for that (she's not against the policy itself, she just believes that this is her one empowering skill and where other people can donate money or physical labor, she can donate knowledge).

    I'm very inspired by her and think about that every time I help someone learn to knit or spin.

  8. Nothing better than knitting (and spinning) with friends! This is what has led me to meet so many amazing and generous people.

  9. Others have already said it so well - nothing better than good friends! :D


  10. Any activity with friends is better than alone. Great post Andrea and good luck this weekend.

  11. BTW, I love the socks. I love that they match, but are not the same. :-)

  12. Hello there! Just found you & happy I did. Would like to join the Friday Fun. Just want to be sure, I link back to your URL, you don't have a specific FF page? Thanks!

  13. Ooh, not only did I forget to link my post on Friday but I screwed up the linkage just now (on Monday) and had to link twice. Guess I'm just extra double special. ;-)

    Hey, next time you're not quite feeling the love, read this, willya? You made me all warm and fuzzy and teary-eyed. Big squishes all around!