Monday, April 19, 2010

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I have the Gift of Gab...yup, I'm a talker.  Anyone who has met me knows that.  One of my favorite topics, besides Alpacas, is the Gift Of Life Michigan and Organ Donation.  Here we are almost done with the month of April which is also National Donate Life Month.  Every month is Organ Donor Awareness Month for me, I always tweet, blog, update status and talk about my experience with the transplant program.  This week will be the first time in quite awhile that I will be speaking in front of a group on request.  Yes, I stress the "on request" part since I quite often change the topic of discussion to the Organ Donation whenever I can.

I will be speaking to a large group of people down in Coldwater, Michigan  for a special dinner.  This will be a difficult talk for me because this will be the first time I have talked to a group on request without my Dad being with me. 

I have been stressing over what I will talk about because they want me to speak 25-30 minutes with no video, pictures or slides.  Many of the people in audience will be people that my father knew for many years.  This will be the first time I will be speaking on behalf of the Gift of Life Michigan since my dad passed away.  I know I will do great...I am an excellent public speaker (it's that whole Gift of Gab) and I never have issues meeting the targeted time to speak.  I actually have to cut my speaking time down.  I am just concerned about having a meltdown.  I've been having a lot of emotional breakdowns lately.  I miss him so much...

Today I received a special gift in the mail.  It as a t-shirt from the Gift of Life Michigan for promoting Donor Drive 2010.  I will take the t-shirt with me Thursday (I'm supposed to wear a dress) as a show and tell...maybe as a door prize too although I really don't want to give it up.
I will tell my transplant story and the importance of being a registered organ donor.  I will tell the audience what a hero my Dad's donor is to our family and what it means to a recipients be a recipient family (not every person waiting for an organ transplant makes it to the recipient list do to the lack of viable organs).

I know Dad will be there with me like he's always with me.  He will encourage me to speak and motivate the audience like he has always done. I'll hear his laughter as something fun is said and I will see his smile letting me know I did a good job.  I can still hear his voice in my head and in my heart...and I cry.  He is the reason I do all of this.  The lungs he received  seven years ago and the struggle of needing those lungs are the reason I am so vocal about organ donation.  Someone's gift saved my Dad and gave us extra years we would never have had.  Now to tell people about it without crying.


  1. Thinking of you always. Enjoy your blog. Love the shirt, so neat.

  2. Your audience will surely be inspired by your presentation, Andrea! And if they want to buy a t-shirt of their own, just give them our contact info (800-482-4881 or =)

    Thank you for carrying on your dad's legacy!

    Jennifer Tislerics
    Gift of Life Michigan