Sunday, April 4, 2010

Indiana Invitational Highlights and Lego of Wonder

Greetings and Happy Easter!  Here are the results of the Indiana Invitational Alpaca Show and news of our newest addition to the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.  It's a good thing that Spring Break is here because I am so tired after the big show.

I want to start out by saying a major THANK YOU to my friend Holly who has been a stellar Wonder Intern for the last year scooping poo and helping with fiber.  This was the first show that she has ever attended and I put her to work.  I can't thank her enough for assisting me with the alpaca, the organizing, the selling of my Wonder Yarn and scooping poo along with all of the other awesome things she did during the weekend.  She found that although there is a lot of down time at a show, there is also a lot of work.  Thank you, my friend.

We arrived in Fort Wayne on Thursday and found a very easy set up.  I managed not to have any issues backing up the trailer or parking.  Of course part of that was because I asked the farm next to me to back my trailer up.  Why?  Well, I promised him that if he backed up my trailer and not me that his vehicle would remain dent free.  After a proposition like that, he jumped at the chance to back up the Wonder Trailer.  After we had the trailer in a safe resting place, we realized that the wood blocks I needed to keep the trailer from moving were we improvised until we could find some.

Yes, you are seeing correctly...those are neck rests.  And you WONDER WHY.

We only showed one alpaca on Friday and that was Midnight Magic's Mystery.  He took third which I was disappointed with but I got my hands on the winner who also won color champion and I did see a difference.  The judge loved his confirmation and his fineness but the two boys ahead of him were more dense even though I wasn't as impressed with the confirmation of the second place winner and the frame of the first place winner I understood why first place winner was ahead of us do to density although I think Mystery has a finer fleece.  That's ok though...a judge's ruling is a highly subjective analysis that could be different on a different day.  Overall if I had the choice to buy a breeding from any of them, I would still pick Mystery.  His overall package of confirmation and fiber was still superior.
 Don't worry, there was a lot of fun time too!

I also took first place in the photo contest for farm scene.  I had submitted two photos with one in the cria at play and one in the farm scene category.  They were fun pictures that I enjoy and I'm glad I did it.  The photo that was judge's choice was spectacular too.  I wish I would have thought to take it because it was gorgeous.

Saturday I got to show again...finally after lunch.  It was a long and antsy wait.  I showed my Sugar's Sunshine of Wonder in the Rose Gray Group and again we took third.  I totally disagree with that placement but...I'm not the judge.  Again, my alpaca had the best confirmation in the group but he said that my density of lock wasn't as strong.  I also noticed that he really favored the tight pencil locks even though they are a bear to process.  I would take other uniform locks over the tight pencils any day especially since I process and spin Suri,  This is what I was explaining about the other day, though, where judges prefer a show lock over a fiber processing lock.  Oh well, I have one opinion and I will get another one next month at the next show.

Finally I showed my SpinSanity of Wonder.  We were in one of the very last groups.  His color puts him in the Light Indefinite.  By the time I got in the ring with him half the show was packed up and gone.  Really!  The Suri side of showing was done and almost everyone was gone.  This is the fourth show where I was one of the last in the ring and hardly anyone was around to see.  That's frustrating.  Don't awesome Wonder Intern and my friends from Blendon Pines and 4 Musketeers were there watching.  My little guy took fourth place because of his size.  The judge loved his fleece in both the fineness and the density but said he would like to see Spinny with a larger frame for his age although his confirmation was good so...we will watch our little guy grow and see what happened.

The nice thing was that I never took gate so I was able to get feedback on all my alpaca even if it's not the decision I would make, it is feedback plus it allowed a lot of farms to get their hands on my alpaca.  I also sold a few skeins of my hand spun yarn while I was at the show so I had to come home and de-active some of my Etsy listings.  That's always a good feeling.  I need to get busy spinning more yarn since my next show is in a month.  I also made a lot of contacts and spoke to a bunch of farms about Certified Sorting.  Hopefully this will get me and the other Certified Sorter Apprentices more work and more importantly, help alpaca farms understand the importance of Certified Sorting so that we can produce better products.

Whew!  I was so tired when we got home and Holly helped me unload before she left...yes, she really is awesome.  We went went in the house we got to see our newest addition.

Lego aka Legolas aka Lego Man aka Lego of Wonder.

Now we can relax, enjoy our Easter Sunday, love on our new puppy and prepare for the next show in May.


  1. I had such a great time helping out! Those Alpaca People are soo nice!
    Now time to rest!

  2. I love seeing the pictures of you and Holly - I bet those bowls of margaritas were welcome refreshment at the end of the day.
    It's so interesting to hear the difference between a "show fleece" and a "fiber fleece" - and yours certainly produce gorgeous fiber.
    Congrats on the photo award! And on your adorable new puppy!

  3. That looks like it was a lot of fun, and of course a lot of work. Congrats on your awards!

    Lego is adorable!!! I see you went LOTR over Star Wars, eh?

  4. Congrats on the awards. It looks like you two had a lot of fun. Love the new puppy so cute! Take care and thanks for sharing.