Monday, April 5, 2010

Lego of Wonder

Today was supposed to be a work day but it was very difficult to work with two bears home on spring break and a new puppy.  We took Lego to the vet today to make sure all was in working order and he whined the whole way.  I forgot how much puppies cry. The outing went smoothly with the bears getting along so I treated them to lunch.
Back at the farm the alpacas were enjoying a day of sunbathing.  Of course, do I have pictures to show?  Nope!  Those stinkers kept getting up every time I would get near the pasture so I let them be after we finished our barn chores.
 We spent most of the afternoon in the backyard playing with the dogs and our barn cat, Furball, even decided to play.  She prefers the game I'll Hide and You Leave Me Alone but Lego doesn't understand that game so she returned to the alpacas.
 I will have to get the paperwork done.  I have stuff for both the farm and Grumpy's business that must get done but it's so hard to work with bears and a new puppy around.


  1. The bears must be in heaven! New puppies are so much fun. How's your older dog taking it?

  2. Munchkin is in denial and ignoring when we were outside playing, he'd make a wide circumference around the yard instead of running straight through past Lego while playing fetch. He's been sulking in the corner. We got Lego so he'd have a buddy again...maybe he still misses Tucker.