Monday, April 12, 2010

Sounds of Spring

I wish I could let you hear what I am listening to right's a mixture of cranes, geese, ducks, birds, chickens,  frogs and miniature schnauzers at play all covering the humming of alpacas.  I am loving the early Spring we are experiencing here in Michigan.   I'm not complaining about having to scoop poo because all alpaca farms know that scooping poo on a nice 60 degree day is heavenly.  Really!  You are in the midst of your herd and they are enjoying you hanging out in the barn longer than normal because during the Winter, it's too darn cold to be spending hours in the barn.
Don't worry, the alpacas are sunbathing.  Freaked me out too the first time I saw them lay like that for a few hours.
I took my knitting out to the barn yesterday.  I was going to sit down and knit the alpaca shawl I started this weekend while I watched the herd playing in the pasture but...the call of barn chores scream to me, "GET TO WORK!"  so I cleaned the barn plus my darling husband was busy working hard with the post hole digger putting up more fencing so we can split our pastures again. Wait, maybe it was Grumpy yelling at me to get to work.  Nope, he was in his construction zone.  I do love that man, especially when all he asks for is his October/November to deer hunt and his May to turkey hunt then I go and schedule alpaca events during that time. 
 Our goal is to get all the heavy duty fence and pasture chores done during this warm April so we can enjoy the summer.  Oh, there will always be chores to do but if we can get the worst of the work done now then those hot days can be spent at the pool.

Now to enjoy the sounds of Spring a bit more before the bears come home from school.
Wait, as I am typing do you know what I now hear?
 An Ice Cream Van playing music.

Now if you have never visited you might wonder why I think this is crazy but if you have you'd understand.  I live out in the middle of the country where it's not on the way to anywhere.  Yikes!  The Ice Cream business must be getting bad if they have to come out my way for sales.

Ok, back to the beautiful spring sounds of nature....ahhhhh

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  1. My oldest girl lays like that a lot. My heart stops a little every time I see her. I've learned to just check on her every few minutes. So far she's always moved or gotten up in between checks.

    I love the sounds of spring too... seagulls (land locked), mourning doves, woodpeckers (grrr) and kids playing. No Ice Cream trucks yet.

    Happy Spring!