Monday, May 24, 2010

FYI: Funky Llama really is Funky

What a weekend!  Where to begin?  Well, I'm not beginning with Nationals because that can wait until Fiber Arts Friday so I'll begin with the Zombie Prom Date Knitters first ever Wine Party.  Our friend, Linda aka FatCatCrochet, flew up from North Carolina to spend the week with the ZPDK and see her first ever Alpaca Shearing.  Yes, I know North Carolina has Alpacas but do they have Alpacas as awesome as the Wonder Herd here in Michigan?  Nope! 
My Wonder Interns-Yes, I have more than one.
Of course any trip to the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm has to start in the barn...yes, even before wine.  Linda's favorite Alpacas were two of my fiber boys, Buddy and Dude, which leads me to believe that she's a Huacaya person.  We also visited the Chickens of Wonder and Linda got to hold one of the newest members.
 It wasn't long and everyone else arrived and the party began.  We started with the whites then moved around to the reds. We had food galore including our favorite, Timbits.  Canada really does know how to make the good donuts, eh?

Drinking wine without knitting or spinning just doesn't seem right...

Our younger members of the group brought the non-alcoholic wine or as Sister Bear calls it "kid wine"
Blah!  I'm not drinking that!  Here's the good stuff...well, some of it wasn't good.  FYI, Funky Llama Pinot Grigio has an awful favorite wine of the night was Naked.

I always say that I can't cook/bake without a box or can but I forgot about my french toast.  I served those who spent the night my Wonder French Toast from a recipe that my dad gave me years ago.  After everyone's bellies were full, we went out to prep the barn and pool house for the Wonder Shearing on Tuesday.

I have to say...again, that my knitting group rocks!  We have fun no matter what we do.  Really anything from drinking wine, saving the world to scooping poo.  Smiles and fun abound.