Monday, July 12, 2010

Tour de Fleece Day 10 - Day of Rest?

The Tour de Fleece is taking a break today.  I can't figure out what they mean by rest day because I've got a to-do list a mile long.  Yesterday we started pasture breeding Sugar Breeze which is a new concept for us and the herdsire so he wouldn't leave her alone yesterday.  Poor little Rex didn't know what to think about his mom getting violated while a bunch of people watched.  Oh, little cria, you have so much to learn if you want to be a herdsire one day.

Of course, while Sugar was otherwise occupied, Grumpy and I were able to spend some photo time with Rex.  His Suri locks are so beautiful and the luster is unbelievable.  He thinks he's a race horse.  I've never seen a cria run sprints like Rex but then again, he is the only "spring" cria we have this year so he has to entertain himself somehow.
I got back on the sorting wagon this weekend and started sorting the remaining fleeces that need to be done before I deliver them to the Reginal Collection Facility for the NAAFP.  Taking a few weeks off was hard but I needed to reset since my health has been a mess.  Today I hope to get a bunch more done.

Since this is the "day of rest" for the Tour de Fleece, I also plan to finish knitting up the rest of my Confetti Reign Handspun for a special gift I've been working on.  I started it while in the hospital last week and hope to finish it before Saturday.  Fingers Crossed.

Finally, here is the results of this weekend's spinning.  Not a lot done since we were breeding the Alpacas plus I was sorting but enough to make my yarn, Ode to Camelid.  It has Suri Alpaca, Huacaya Alpaca and Camel.  No Llama because I haven't met a Llama worth spinning yet (or at least blending with my Alpaca).  Sorry, Llama peeps. I am thinking about plying some raw Suri locks into the yarn.  I've seen too many raw lock yarns posted on FB this week and I've been inspired.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to kicking but on the Tour de Fleece but for today I'll be a Fiber Sorting Queen!  Of course that's after I go to work this afternoon.  Argh!  Too many enjoyable responsibilities.


  1. Rex's locks do look Wonderful! He's a beaut! Still contemplating a wheel. I tend to jump the gun so I'm really trying to wait until I learn more about spinning and until I can get behind several to try them out.

  2. Rex is a handsome little cria - he does have gorgeous locks!

    Good thing it's a day of rest - otherwise I'd have to feel guilty about not spinning (again) today.

  3. I love the first pic of Rex.

    Your camelid yard is really interesting. Are the different colors the different camelids?

    I stopped by a new to me fiber shop in Fort Collins, Your Daily Fiber. She had several different suri llama rovings that were amazingly soft. I was quite surprised.

  4. Kathryn, Alpacas come in 22 different colors and between the Huacaya and the Suri I probably have at least half. You have white, beige, lt-med-drk fawn, lt-med-drk brown, lt-med-drk rose gray, lt-med-drk silver gray, modern gray, bay black and black. I hope I got them all. Then you have the Pintos, like my Buccaneer, who I based my logo on and Multi-Indefinates like my Confetti Reign.

    I've seen Suri Llama and it's beautiful but nowhere near as beautiful as the Suri Alpaca.

  5. I meant there are 3 different colors of yarn on your bobbins and you mentioned there were 3 different camelids represented... so is one color suri alpaca, the second huacaya alapca and the third camel?

  6. I'm a dork and just realized it was you who asked. Yikes, sorry. I have the fawn colored camel underneath the few colors of Suri and afterwards I added beige huacaya which I ended up taking off the bobbin to use for my Art Yarn so I'll need to add it back on. I guess if I was a good girl I would have used natural colors but some of the suri has been dyed.