Saturday, August 28, 2010

Destination: Wonder Why!

Thursday morning while taking care of barn chores we were delighted with a special surprise.  One of the hot air balloons from the 2010 US Nationals decided to land in the field next to our pastures.  The Bears and I took off through the weeds to see the hot air balloon up close.  We were even more excited when we were asked to help pack up the balloon.  We got to see and help with all the work it takes to pack up a balloon.  I have given the balloonist permission to use my back pasture the next time he intends to land our way as long as we don't have our herd out grazing because it's less weeds plus an amazing photo opportunity for me.  Yes, I'm always thinking of me ;-)  I was so thankful that the balloons came our way because quite often the routes they take keep them close to I-94 or the North side of it.  So...(hint, hint) to the powers that be, please keep the balloons coming towards East Leroy.  There are some amazing sights for them to see from the air and us early birds out taking care of chores are enjoying the view too.  Lastly, remember that the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, LLC is a happening destination full of Alpaca Wonder.  Check it out! (shameless plug)


  1. Really cool! We have balloons frequently go up around here....The Hubs texted me this morning, he saw them again...

  2. What a cool opportunity for you and the Bears!