Friday, September 3, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday - KKKK and KKKK, and KKKK

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  This is a blog where Fiber Artists from around the world can come together and share their adventures in Fiber Arts.  It's hasn't even been two years since I started following the AlpacaFarmGirl, Katy Spears, who created this fun way of sharing and I joined along.  I have made some amazing blogger friends during that time and through their writing, I feel like we've known each other forever.  The neat thing, at least for me, is that you don't have to search for topic ideas.  This is your chance to show what has been going on in your life with Fiber Arts.  Some weeks we are Fiber Arts Super Heroes while other weeks the other part of our lives take over and we find our knitting or spinning wheels or...just sitting because life happens.

This week was one of those "life happens" weeks for me.  Blah, Blah, Blah, I've been sick, Blah, Blah, Blah so my heart hasn't been in my projects.  I've learned that if my heart isn't into the project that I should just set it aside because negative emotions and, in the case of knitting, tighter stitches occur.  So...I understand when you don't share for weeks at a time.  Life Happens.

I had started the week off right and did work a bunch of rows in my top down sweater.  I sat through another class at YLYS with Kelly, who is an amazing teacher, as she showed the other ladies in the class how to knit the neck (for the lady who knitted everything but the neck) and how to knit the sleeves ( for everyone else but me).  I'm not at either place.  I'm a slow knitter so I sat there and KKKKKKKKKKK  KFB KFB KKKKKKKK .  Ok, if your not a knitter you don't understand that K means Knit and KFB is Knit to the front and Knit to the Back which creates an increase.  If I were a thin woman my increasing would be done but, alas I'm not!  The worst part of this is that YLYS (Your Local Yarn Shop) is closed for the holiday and guess what I completed last night?  Yup, I'm at the point where I can start my sleeves but I'm here at the farm and they are closed so I will spend the weekend working on some other project when what I really want is to work on my sweater.  Argh!

So...share your adventures in Fiber Arts.  Share the good, the bad and the awesome.
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  1. I have waaayyy too many UFO's (unfinished objects) created because "life happens!"

  2. After long weeks of having no camera and therefore sad blog posts, I am getting one (a loaner) this I'd love to participate in this! I always have 5 things (at least!) on the needles!

  3. Lindy - that is too funny... UFO... giggle.

    Andrea - I feel the same way. I love my FAF friends... and your sweater will be great.

  4. They're closed the whole weekend? Wha?! Gives you a chance to relax a bit and focus on farm and family though. I love the red yarn, it's my favorite color for a sweater. Life has happened for me this week too, must be in the air. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  5. So proud that you're too the sleeves!! Oh, closed the whole weekend? BUT when they reopen it will be during that magical season known as BACK TO SCHOOL!

  6. I have so many UFO's too. I feel so guilty about it sometimes, but I guess I sometimes get ADD with my projects. I have quite a few languishing and yet I just started another small project.
    I think I am going to tackle some of the older ones this weekend. Then I can rationalize buying more yarn when I am done!

  7. I love this pattern that your working on. I taught it many times at our LYS!! I agree with Holly Bee--back to school time means more time for knitting! Yay!! Maybe I'll finally get to a few of my own UFO's!

  8. Ack, big shopping weekend and they are closed? No fun. I guess you'll have to enjoy the kiddies one more weekend before school!

  9. Well That is ok if the store is closed. Relax. Feel better. Drink some hot tea and enjoy the cooler weather. Your sweater is going to be terrific. I don't have the patience for kfb and kpkp, etc! Tamara

  10. Don't feel bad. I'm a slow knitter too. Mine is more like K...K...K...K...take a break for coffee...K...K...K...