Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food Review of Wonder - Gluten Free Pizza, Cookies and Almond Butter

I've been trying all sorts of foods that are already prepared yet are Gluten Free, Wheat Free and typically Dairy Free.  What I have found is that almost everything has Bleached Wheat Flour.  It's amazing and a bit scary to see how much we rely on Wheat.  Did you know that if you visit Taco Bell, their taco shells are NOT corn based?  Yeah, it made me sad too. I was actually surprised as I walked through the grocery aisles to see how many foods contain wheat.  Well, you will be pleased to know that the following foods are wheat free and very good too.

First, I want to share with you my new favorite cookies.  These taste great, conquer the chocolate craving and if you eat the recommended serving, won't live on your hips either.  Yes, you only get 12 cookies for the price of two packages of Oreo's (on sale) but they aren't supposed to be a meal and after two months of not eating cookies, this was a great treat.  I found these at WalMart and was actually surprised at the small Gluten Free area that WalMart has.  Surprised in a good way because it was easy to find and had some of the foods I love from Sawall's but at a more affordable price.  Oh, and they use cocoa instead of chocolate so I don't have to worry about the dairy put in chocolate.
The next food I tried was Almond Butter.  I actually was using some Gluten Free bread but forgot to take pics of that so I promise next time I buy it, I will.  You can find Almond Butter at pretty much every store.  You can buy it like you do Peanut Butter but I chose to buy individual packets so that I could decide if I like it plus I can easily put on in my purse if I'm dining out.  Now why Almond Butter?  Well...I'm not supposed to eat butter (you know, the dairy issue) so if I do endure the Gluten Free/Wheat Free bread then this gives it some tastes without the heaviness of peanut butter plus I've decided I really don't care for Organic Peanut Butter...but that's another post.  You can purchase Hazelnut Butter at any grocery store. I've found it at Meijers, Horrocks and Sawalls (Local Grocery here in South West Michigan).
 Finally...I tried another Gluten Free/Wheat Free/Dairy Free pizza. I purchased this at Sawall's.  I haven't found it at any other grocery.  Really, our chain grocery stores are NOT nice to people with food allergies but hey, I'm fortunate that I live near an amazing Health Foods Store.
So, I tried this expensive single serving pizza and...it wasn't bad.  It' wasn't good either but it did fufill my pizza need.  Let me warn you now...soy cheese does not melt.  The crust wasn't terrible...  Believe me, I've tried some nasty breads recently and this wasn't bad.  I loved the spinach on the pizza but then again, I like spinach on my pizza.  Overall, it was a nice change but I really crave my Cascarelli's Pizza in Homer.  I am going to ask my doctor what the ramifications to my body would be to make a once a year pilgrimage to Homer for the best pizza ever if I promise not to eat a whole pizza by myself.  Really, I have self-control...well, I try to have self-control when eating my favorite pizza but I won't consider that right now.  I'm working on getting used to this healthy lifestyle and I don't want to start obsessing about the best pizza ever.
This is the pizza cooked...yeah, it doesn't look that appetizing but when you crave pizza, this is a nice addition to the freezer just waiting for that urge to take over.

I hope this helps.  I've been asked by different people to show pictures of the boxes and the foods.  I wish a blog had done this a few months ago when I started my Gluten Free Search.  Today I finally (after a 2 1/2 month wait) get to see the new Endocrinologist.  Today I will get answers to my Hyper Thyroid Auto-Immune disease...because the internet has way too much information (sometimes) and it can drive a person crazy wanting to figure out what is happening to themselves when their other doctors only give vague answers as they refer you to the next specialists.  Argh!  I know it's as frustrating and confusing as it sounds.

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  1. good luck at the endocrinologist. As a self-diagnosed hypochondriac, I know the temptation to google stuff and the result is never good! Resist!