Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lady at the Wheel

The other day I posted a photo of a lady spinning at her wheel that I purchased from my friend, Beth, who sells antiques.  We weren't quite sure of the time period although Beth had a good idea.  Today, while visiting Greenfield Village in Detroit, I met a lady who was spinning in one of the houses who was an older version of my Lady at the Wheel so I started asking questions because you know I "Wonder Why".

I showed her a photo of  my lady since it was still on my camera.  She said her costume and the dress my lady was wearing were from somewhere around 1780.  She was spinning Flax just like my lady. She said she wished she was young like my lady in the photo.  Walking into the house at Greenfield Village and seeing women dressed in period clothing spinning on a variety of wheels, using hand carders and weaving let me glimpse into the life the lady in my photo had.  The other day I said that most likely a child was nearby and sure enough the model house had a child's chair and toys right next to the wheel. 

I also found an amazing amount of Fiber Arts treasures throughout Greenfield Village.  I'm going to make a scavenger hunt for my friends because it was fun walking from building to building  to find different spinning wheels, looms and even knitted projects.  For a Museum/Village known more for the Automobile, I was excited to find Fiber Arts in full force.

I'll leave you with these last two photos because what they say are powerful thoughts.

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  1. I saw a picture years ago in an antique shop, of a lady at a spinning was OLD and I was broke and I've kicked myself ever since for not offering to clean their floors for a year in exchange for it! LOVE old images of women doing the things we still do. Your 'lady at the wheel' is a treasure.