Sunday, September 19, 2010

WWSIP - World Wide Spin In Public Day

How did you spend WWSIP Day? 
 Did you spin?  Did you knit?  Did you do anything related to Fiber Arts?
You watched football snuggled up in the blanket "Aunt Fanny " crocheted for you?  
Well, that marginally counts as Fiber Arts.  You are using that Fiber Arts Treasure.  

Well, I spent my day at my favorite yarn shop spinning with friends both new and old.  Your Local Yarn Shop (YLYS) here in Battle Creek, opened their doors and said, "Welcome, Spinners!"  We had a great variety of wheels and fibers being spun. Drop Spindles were scattered amongst the spinners too. 
 I chose to spin on my Lendrum.  Lenny loves me and treats my fiber so nicely. (yeah, I'm not very creative when it comes to naming wheels...not like knitwithsnot who came up with Sweet Petunia.  I loved that name so well, I named an Alpaca after her wheel.)  I was spinning my gray Suri/Merino blend donated by an Alpaca named WhirlWind.  I'm spinning a custom order and am a bit behind in my creation because I've been in a knitting funk.  Well, really, it's not a bad funk, it's more like a awesome funk. 
 I finished my Sassy Buttonhead hat and am already knitting another one out of more of my handspun so I need to get busy spinning more yarn.

Argh!  It's the Circle of Life: Raise the Alpaca, Shear the Alpaca, Process the Alpaca, Spin the Alpaca, Knit the Alpaca then Wear the Alpaca go to the barn to visit said Alpaca and just get a snort because obviously said Alpaca wears the fiber so much better than you can ever create it and apparently wears hay better too.

Oh, besides spinning and knitting another fiber arts craft has entered the farm...weaving!  I bought a lap loom at Fiber Fest this year and the Bears and I have been busy testing it out.  Unfortunately it doesn't take a WonderWhyGal, a Sister Bear and a Brother Bear to use a lap loom so two of us would supervise which usually ended up with a Grumpy Bear.  tehehe, Sister Bear just realized that I call her daddy, Grumpy Bear.  Brother Bear has wanted to learn how to weave and the eye doctor actually said it would be good for his eyes  I think our first creation is turning out pretty awesome.

Well, gotta get back to my wheel knitting...or, oh you know I'm going to weave!


  1. LOL, you're too damn funny.

    I just found out about this day, so I was not prepared for spinning in public. I did however, spin a tiny bit of camel/tussah silk... and I am in love.

  2. The spin in public was a riot!! It was so cool seeing that many spinners together.

    As for your hat-it's beautiful!! You really did a great job, and found the perfect pattern for your yarn!

  3. Meh, I failed on the spinning in public, although I do it a lot of the time anyway!

    Sounds like you had a great time, lovely photos!

  4. Love your passion for fiber arts. I do wet and needle felting and a bit of knitting....I even made a kiddo's dress last summer....woohoo!! How I would love to raise alpacas. We actually thought about it kinda seriously at one point. Good for you for having such great energy about what you do!!