Friday, October 29, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday - Fiber Expo Highlights

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday! This is the place where you can share your adventures in Fiber Arts each week and meet some other great Fiber Artist.  So, what are you waiting for?  Link your blog and start sharing the Wonder of Fiber Arts!  This week I am going to share with you more great vendors at Fiber Expo, that I was a vendor at last week in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  

My camera decided to end it's wonderful life of photography when I arrived at the venue so Saturday after I worked all day, I went to Best Buy and bought a new camera.  In keeping with my love of Middle Earth, I have named this camera Legolas and on day one Legolas didn't fail me in the images he produced.
One of my favorite vendors, Jill June of Studio June, was there with her amazing yarns.  I bought two skeins of her sock yarn to have someone knit me socks with.  Squeal!  Holly and I eyed this adorable sweater and look it only takes one skein.
  There were tons of amazing felted projects.  Totally inspiring!

About 100 Vendors total and these are just some of the booths.  I have to admit, Legolas and I got off to a rocky start.  He didn't want to focus at first (I think he was in awe of all the amazing booths) but then photographic magic happened and unfortunately, that was as I got busy with sales so ...less photos than desired.  Fiber Expo also offered a variety of classes.  Since I was selling all weekend, I wasn't able to take any classes but I did manage to peek in on one of them.  Of course, it was weaving.
Saturday my friend Lisa from Spirit Within Alpacas helped me. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of her because of the Evil Dead Camera but I did get a photo of my Sunday Gal aka Holly aka Wonder Intern nka Farm Manager.  Yes, Holly came to the rescue and helped me with my Sunday Sales.
I've decided that before I schedule any more shows (yikes, I've already have a handful for 2011) that I need to have help lined up.  Yes, I could manage by myself but quite often we were both helping customers plus I need to be able to eat and take a break from the 9am-5pm sales.  I've been asked about the difference between selling at live shows -v-internet and so far my live shows have been super successful.  I do put a lot of work into them but people get to meet me, touch my product and ask questions and we all know that the question "I Wonder Why" is always a great way to start.

I'll always want Holly as my salesperson (really, she is a super awesome salesperson and a great person overall) but I know that she can't always be with me (yeah, it makes me sad to think that) so I have to consider who else will be available on those dates that is almost (equal would be hard) as awesome as my friend.  The key to a good assistant is for them to know your product and to truly love your product.  There are tons of people I could as to sit in my booth but that doesn't help with sales.  Holly helps me draw people into the booth and she loves the product which in turn helps sell my product.  Instead of bringing her spinning, she was knitting a sassy interlock scarf/cowl out of her handspun (using my roving) which is another great draw. As I walked around Fiber Expo and I've done the same at Michigan Fiber Fest too, I always note which booths have one person versus two, what kind of selection they have, their set up and the overall atmosphere of the booth.  I hope that helps, Jesse.  Now what adventures have you had in Fiber Arts this week?
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  1. I think you're right. It's important to have at least 2 people who know the product.

    Too often there is only one very busy and occupied person when I have questions or the help doesn't know and has to wait for the one person. Good luck on your quest.

    I'm begining the thought process about doing a fiber show next year... but no commitments yet.

  2. Glad you had a good show. Holly is super fun and it will be hard to find her equal. I love the felted horse. I agree that Studio June has amazing yarn!

  3. Ooo, lots of pretty stuff! Good thing you were busy selling or you might have broke the bank!

  4. The triangle loom looks interesting. How was it to work with it? I always want to try weaving, but with a minimum of space, I need to find something small like that. Let me know if you liked it.

  5. Looks like it was a great show (congrats on the corner booth!) - I love all the felted animals, and I totally would have bought Big Mama the sheep.
    If you ever do a show in Minnesota, let me know!

  6. This is very helpful! I think having someone with you would be super important. Hmm, the only problem is I don't know who, ha! Maybe I'll start small and share a booth with someone at a small show and we can help each other out. We'll see. :)
    Too bad I don't live in Michigan. I could knit and spin with your yarns/fibers and talk them up all day long at these festivals. :)
    I love love love all the photos Legolas gave you! :)

  7. Great photos! Love the camera name! I know this is totally rude, but I'm going to explode if you don't read my latest post soon and see what I saw at the mall! Thought of you and knitwithsnot!! ~Amanda

  8. Ellen, I'm not sure where they got the looms in that photo but at Michigan Fiber Fest in August, we have Carol Leigh as one of the instructors and she is amazing along with her triangle/rectangle looms. Her class is a two day class that should be three. I hope that it works in my schedule for next year if she teaches again. She has an amazing weaving book coming out next year too.

    Amanda- Sorry, I drove about 400 miles today here in Michigan taking my Huacaya Herdsire to a farm on the other side of the state for a breeding. My darn Blackberry is not Blogger Friendly but...I enjoyed reading your post as soon as I got home.

  9. Sounds like a busy weekend! I'm glad you were able to get help on both days... I think it's so important to be as non-stressed as possible when selling at shows. The bathroom runs and food breaks are also a bonus there too. (((Waves at Holly if she's reading this.)))

  10. Wow amazing stuff, i love the sweater, i made a cardie for my daughter in very similar colours, thanks for your lovely comment too!

  11. Such cool stuff. I'm in amazement by those detailed felted projects. Beautiful beautiful.

  12. Thanks! I immediately thought of you and had to share!!

  13. I can't believe that green dragon is made by someone and not brought from a store. Some people are amazingly talented.