Monday, October 11, 2010

Michigan Fall Colors Here On The Farm

 I was out in the pasture yesterday...most of the afternoon because it was gorgeous outside.  That last few years on my birthday, I've had wonderful weather.  A few years ago I took the Bears to Lake Michigan to swim because it was so hot and the water was so warm.  Not quite like that this weekend but I prefer the cool breeze with warm air.  Here is what the trees look like by my Mamma Pasture.
 I wanted a shot of our farm so I climbed up into Grumpy's hunting blind not realizing what goes up must come down.  Doh!
 Yes, it's a bit of a climb to get up there.
 Have I mentioned I don't like heights or...that I was wearing my Mickey Mouse PJ Bottoms to scoop poo.
 Oh, I got down with no assistance but...did leave a trace of Alpaca Poo on the ladder for Grumpy to find.
 Yup!  Grumpy and the Bears can have the tree blind...I'll stay on the ground.
 This is the view when you look at my Big Boy Pasture...I love the turning leaves in Autumn.
 Look at this!  Sweet Petunia is getting a kiss from Lord Voldemort.  Who?  Oh, yes, we have nine new Alpacas on the farm.  They've been here for a few weeks.  We are brokering/boarding them for another farm.  Soon they will be on our sales list.  Voldemort was born in June.
More pictures of Autumn to follow...have I mentioned it's my favorite time of the year?


  1. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful alpacas as always!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I went and took some pictures today too...