Friday, November 26, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday - Black Friday Fiber Fun

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Edition of Fiber Arts Friday!  Once a week, Fiber Artists gather from around the world to share their adventures in Fiber Arts so, what are you waiting for?  Join in and share what you have been working on in knitting, weaving, felting, spinning, dyeing, jewelry making, quilting, etc.  There are so many aspects to Fiber Arts and we only touch the surface each week.

Today is Black Friday.  Part of the Thanksgiving holiday tradition, it's the biggest shopping day of the year.  I won't be at the mall or stores at 4am.  No, I'm here sharing with you.  The hustle and bustle of super great bargains no longer entices me.  Since I've started to knit and spin, more and more of my gifts are homemade which doesn't require trips to the store.  I take that back, there is one store I will be visiting today and it's Your Local Yarn Shop here in Battle Creek.  KellyJ and crew will be open from 8am until 12pm with great deals and if I'm not knitting on yarn from my farm, most likely it will come from YLYS. Since, I've brought up yarns from YLYS, here are a couple of WIP (works in progress) that use yarn from the shop including a knitted pattern that KellyJ wrote.  I already have plans to buy the matching mitten pattern to her hat when I visit the shop later today. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I need to finish the hat before I worry about matching mittens.  The yarns I am using for this pattern are both Cascade.  I really do like the Cascade yarns.  I tend to buy a lot of the Cascade 220.  I love that it's affordable and easy to work with.

The Sassy Beret I'm making my niece is progressing too.  I have five inches now and need two more before I can start to decrease.  I'm hoping that a full day of knitting (only knitting this project) will give me those two inches.  It's just taking FOREVER. The gorgeous Angora blend yarn also came from YLYS.

I've also been busy spinning.  I'm finally plying close to 1 1/2 lbs of my handspun Suri/Merino blend for a custom order.  I promised it ages ago but knowing what the end product will be I need to be as consistent as possible which means that I have to concentrate.  1400 yards is the intended total.  I already have approximately 500 yards plied.  Now to continue the consistent plying on the next bobbin.  I love that my Lendrum Jumbo Flier can easily hold 8 oz at a time.

Of course, I've created a couple of fun yarns in between.

Finally, if you look at this last week's worth of my blog posts you will see that I created my first ever knitted critter.  An Owl for Brother Bear from the Knit Simple Holiday Issue using a Susan B Anderson pattern.  I really enjoyed knitting it and using my handpun for the project.  I intend on knitting another.  Obviously, I have to!  Sister Bear already wants one.

So, that's my Fiber Arts Friday this week.  I have a couple of amazing interviews and new projects to unveil in the next two weeks but with the holiday, I thought I would use this week catch up on some WIP.  Enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping.  After I leave the yarn shop, I will be spending the afternoon with the Zombie Prom Date Knitters socializing and knitting because...that's how we roll. Now, share your adventures in Fiber Arts!
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  1. Thank you for hosting Fibre Arts Friday each week, I love seeing what everyone has been up to (mostly because I am nosy :D)

  2. Happy Post-Thanksgiving Day, Andrea!
    I not sure if I am going to any stores today, but that won't stop me from popping into a yarn shop, if I happen to pass one today.
    Have fun at your group too! Love the name!

  3. You have been a busy gal-and 1400 yards to spin-whew! You've inspired me-I might just run out to a yarn shop today too.

  4. That grey yarn is awesome!

    I love the photo of you and Brother Bear too. It reminds me a 50's era ad where family members were always together, enjoying the thing that was being advertized. ;-)

    Have a great day.

  5. Nice projects! 1400 is a lot of yardage, good on you, for taking on an enormous project like this when you have hundreds of other irons in the fire!!!

  6. Whoa, what did you ply to make that very pretty yarn? I have been contemplating plying the two I got from you and wonder if you used those. I love the yarn with the green in it. Happy Fiber Arts Friday Andrea! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Your spinning is just stunning- love the fun yarn, beautiful colour.

  8. Hello and thank you for visiting me! I'm very happy to read about your alpaca adventures as they just happen to be one of my favourite animals. Your yarns are just beautiful.
    Happy spinning!

  9. Kathryn- Our week was out of another time period. The Bears were focused on my knitting and not on the television. I find those moments at night too. I read to them for 20-30 minutes, easily, depending on the night and the book. I'm treasuring these moments.

    Ally - If you are inquiring about the festive yarn or even the cranberry/black yarns...those are from my new art batts of wonder. I run them through the drum carder twice which blends the colors and I don't try to stripe. The result, obviously, is pure unique gold.

    Thank you to everyone who has participated today. I wasn't sure what to expect with the holiday but, as usual, Fiber Arts is always in the front of our minds.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  10. Ooh love the yarn. Oh and i loved last week. So i'm doing it again. I added a banner to last weeks table display and made a leaf - themed table runner.Thanks so much for doing this as i absolutely love reading what others have to share.

  11. Nice projects. I love your handspun yarn. Very nice.

  12. Thanks so much for commenting on my post. I hope my project fits in with your party!!!

  13. MessyMissy, Thank you for joining. Yes, please join the fun. Every Friday we share our adventures.

  14. I love your fun yarns, the colours and textures make me happy!