Friday, November 19, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday - Spin, Sort, Felt and Knit

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Once a week Fiber Artists from around the world join in to share their adventures in Fiber Arts so...join in the fun!  What are you waiting for?  Knitting, Spinning, Crochet, Sewing, Quilting, Felting...the possibilities of Fiber Arts are endless so let's begin!

This week was full of felting, knitting, sorting and spinning for me.  It started off last Saturday with a long overdue sleepover (yes, you are never too old for those) at Holly B's house.  She has been busy working at a new job plus going to school so we haven't seen her much.  I miss her something terrible (along with the rest of our ZPDK) and apparently she missed us too.  Of course, she missed us!  She enticed us with Gluten Free Pizza, Wine, Good Company and Knitting...she had me at Gluten Free Pizza. No, really she had me at good company.  I know I've missed my friend and that night just re-enforced that no matter how busy our lives are that we need each other and...knitting.  Really knitting and friendship are essential to our sanity.  It's amazing how knitting needles and yarn can bring so many women together to form friendships in their various forms.

I've been working on a sassy (yes, everything I knit is sassy) beret for my beautiful soon to be 17 year old niece using a delightful Angora/Merino/Nylon Yarn I picked up this summer at YLYS.  The pattern is from the Holiday Knit Simple and it's taking me FOREVER to finish.  Really, I started it a few weeks ago and it's not done.  Her birthday is in a few days.  Doh!  I've been knitting double strands to keep the structure of the hat since and also to keep the Angora from shedding. It's taking forever to knit.  How can knitting and purling a ribbed hat take forever?  Well...have the WonderWhyGal knit it, of course.  Sorry, Allison, you may be 18 before you get it.  Argh!

On Sunday I taught my first ever felting class and had an amazing afternoon with wonderful students.  It was an introduction to wet felting class and after it was done all of my students walked away with purses and Christmas stockings plus an understanding of wet felting and hopefully the idea that you should experiment.  Sorry, I didn't take any photos so hopefully one of my student's will post theirs.

I also spent some time this week spinning up some new yarns and also posting on my Etsy Shop of Wonder.  I've been working on my photography and my spinning which are two passions I enjoy.
I've also been Certified Sorting Alpaca for a few farms this week.  My goal is to get enough new clients to keep busy throughout the Winter then have those same farms ready for me to sort their 2011 Harvest. I have so many goals for my Farm both the breeding and fiber arts side of the business.  As we start looking at the end of 2010, I am already setting goals for 2011.  You may wonder how I accomplish so much each week and my explanation is that my farm is my business.  Yes, I have another job, which at the moment is basically part time, but my farm is not a hobby.  Everything I do for my farm, from pasture to product, is done to create a profit.  The only major difference between this business and my other job is that I love what I'm doing so it's fun.  My farm store took over our Sun Room.  It's now fit for all four seasons with a heated floor and plenty of lighting.  Hint Hint, that means it's ready for you to come and start your Holiday Shopping.
Whew! Well, as usual, I was extremely busy working and not sleeping. Just kidding, I do fit in a few hours each night.  So...what Fiber Arts Adventures did you have this week? 
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  1. I just wanted to thank-you for the kind words about my felted leaves. It's been a while since i last crocheted and i'm a bit rusty. But i'm currently making some felted ornaments and as you know i made some felted leaves for a table display that i thought i'd share.

  2. Wow that is one stocked farm store! Love the new spinning projects, they look chunky and so soft!

  3. Love the new farm store! And your yarns . . . swoon! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  4. I've "favorited" your Etsy shop and will definitely buy myself a present soon. Your yarns are absolutely gorgeous!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Your farm store looks AMAZING!!

    Thank you for coming over! I miss you!!

  6. The Farm Store looks great! Perfect place for it!

  7. I love felting. I stopped, because I had too many felted bags! I can feel your passion for fiber in this post. Enjoyed it!

  8. Very fun, I love seeing all the fiber and fiber related activities!

  9. I've been thinking alot about our goals for 2011 too. It has something to do with Thanksgiving. It seems we make our biggest decisions around this time of year.

    The yarn is georgeous and the shop looks great too.

    Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

  10. Your new store looks fabulous Andrea! I wish you lived right around the corner from me so I could come hang out with you and the alpacas. Happy Fiber Arts Friday, have a great weekend!

  11. I'm completely jealous of the shop!!! Oh, someday . . .
    I really wish I lived close to you so that I could take your wet felting class. I've only tried it once (I know, not enough!), and wasn't happy with the results. OH, and sore.
    And your photos look fab!

  12. Love the new yarns! They are just beautiful... and honestly... I'd probably want to snuggle with them in real life.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Thank you, Everyone, for the kind words. I love all of my Fiber Arts Friday Friends. I look forward to Friday, not because it's the end of the work week but because I get to see what other people are doing in the Fiber Arts World. We are all learning and experimenting but best of all we are sharing. Our hits and our misses...we share. I treasure each and every one of my new friends and old. Thank you for being a part of Fiber Arts Friday.

    Oh...I will have it open next week. Black Friday? Ba Hum Bug! I will NOT being shopping, I will be with my Fiber Arts Friends...because that's how I roll.

  14. You have been one busy lady! And I so wish I could come and shop at your farm store - guess I'll have to check out the Etsy shop of wonder instead :)

  15. It sounds like your super busy with your art and work on the farm.