Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harry Potter, It is!

All week long I've been updating the progress of my first ever knitted critter, an Owl from the Holiday Knit Simple , pattern by Susan B Anderson.  Brother Bear picked out the pattern and has been an adorable task master urging me to finish.  How can I resist him?  I couldn't, is the finished project in just a couple of days.  This may be one of my quickest projects ever.  I knitted everything to instruction except for the i-cord on the feet which I winged because I only sort of understand what to do and hey, I did everything else correctly.  Anyone who knows my knitting would understand that this "unique take on the pattern" is a form of "rebellion" to pattern which is either mad genius (my words) or pure laziness (other's words) but hey, it turned out perfectly in Brother Bear's eyes and that's all that matters.  I'll get some help on what the pattern called for and knit it correctly (?) on the next owl since Sister Bear now wants one...with color work, of course.

I am very happy because I used my handspun for this project.  Brother Bear's treasure is part Kaboom, part Pedro, part Taz (all Alpacas on my farm and three of the original herd) plus a wee bit of dyed blend.  He named his Owl Harry Potter long before it had eyes or wings. He wants me to knit it a scarf and wand...I think not.  I love that little bear and he loves his momma for knitting him an owl.

Now...back to knitting my niece her hat...I can only hope I get the love from her that Brother Bear is hugging to me now as thanks for my handy knitting.  If not, I know that every stitch is knitted in love.


  1. Owls have been an ongoing theme in this house; in fact, tomorrow I plan to paint one on our mailbox! This little guy is amazing! And good for you for bucking the PATTERN...knitting is part instinct and the best way to learn (and to eventually design your own stuff) is to do your own thing! We have a classroom puppet that is a rabbit in a tophat. At the last minute on Halloween, I decided "Bobble" needed a costume so I taped a popsicle stick to his hand, made him glasses from a pipe cleaner, and a wizard hat from construction paper...the wizard bunny in a tophat. The kids loved it and my own kindergarten-zaniness delighted me!

  2. The owl looks great, and super fast knitting :)

  3. Go on....knit him a scarf (Gryff one of course) and a wand! ;-) That is a super owl!!

  4. What a cute owl, and a very happy kid! My kids think I can make virtually anything with yarn, too. It's challenging at times, but it's so satisfying, too! I bet nobody at his school has a handspun, handknit owl like he has!

  5. Awesome owl!

    The i-cord is actually quite easy once you get it started. If you can knit that whole owl w/ dpns, you can make an i-cord magic wand. :-)

  6. I will knit him a scarf but I like the idea of using pipe cleaners for the glasses and wand. He likes making stuff with pipe cleaners anyways so...this would be his way of helping.

    I used polyfil for the stuffing and debated about using Alpaca. Next time, I will use Alpaca. I've been saving all the fiber that comes off my drum carder or combs that's just too short or nubby for my spinning tastes but...would make perfect stuffing. I wouldn't want to use raw locks has to be carded up.

    Kathryn, I know I'm almost there. I've seen a few friends make one, I just lost patience and I'm not an internet video learner. I need my instructor sitting next to me. Today I will be with the ZPDK, I will take some scrap yarn and have one of them show me.