Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marshall Holiday Parade - A Cub Scout Adventure

Brother Bear marched in his first ever Holiday Parade last night with his fellow Cub Scouts.  This is his first year being a Cub Scout and so far he has enjoyed every second of it (except that part where Mom hasn't sewn patches on the shirt) and he faced his fear of parades,  had fun plus made new friends.
 Pack 300 Cub Scouts
It was a first for me too.  The last time I was in a Holiday Parade, I was in the marching band (yeah, it's been that long) so we enjoyed the excitement together.  Wait!  Grumpy and Sister Bear were there too.  Sister Bear was having fun meeting the Boy Scouts (uh oh) we would be walking with until Brother Bear informed her that this was HIS NIGHT and HE would be walking NOT her.  Ok!  Grrrrr
 The Bears
You see, Brother Bear's last parade was a Memorial Day Parade in Homer where he rode the float with his Papa (photo is in scrapbook but can't find digital copy, argh) and even though I walked along side the float with Sister Bear, he said he never wanted to be in a parade again.  Not sure why but...he was insistent.  Maybe it was all of the attention? I'm glad that he did ride in that parade with Dad because it was my Dad's last parade too.  Anyways, we were going to have a great night in Marshall so off we went.
We could resist stopping by the Llamas (yes, Llama, not Alpaca) who came from Binder Park Zoo to share in the holiday festivities.  The brown Llama and I had met way back in July at Corks for Conservation and I've decided that Llama is a party boy.  He enjoys the wine drinkers in the Summer and the holiday cheer in December.  We met up with some clowns but mostly it was about being a Cub Scout.
 Brother Bear also made a new buddy who, incidentally, has his name.  Oh, not Brother Bear (there's only one of those) but his given name. Now how awesome is that?  According to Brother Bear that is Rock Star Awesome!  
We walked a route that was approximately two miles long and other than one request for water there was no whining about sore feet or cold and no potty breaks.  Hooray!  Brother Bear was excited to throw out candy and, of course, I had to promote the farm so he carried the candy in one of my farm totes.  I, of course, was wearing my Alpaca Socks, Alpaca Gloves, Alpaca Sweater and Hand Knitted Hand Spun Alpaca Hat that Holly B made me last year.  Oh, yeah, the Wonder of Alpaca was representing.
Once our part of the parade was over we realized that we would have to walk the two miles back to the car and that's about the time that I heard "Andrea!"  Oh, yeah!  My longtime childhood friend, Kim, was at the parade supporting her 4H Horse Club saw me and offered to drive our family back, in a heated vehicle, to our car which was much safer than piling on the Boy Scout Wagon so...we got to visit for a few minutes and had a nice drive back. 
I'm proud of my Brother Bear.  He has wanted to be a Cub Scout for two years but due to some reorganization, he wasn't able to join as a Tiger.  We are going to enjoy his Wolf year together.  Right now I've been attending meetings but soon Grumpy will be too because it won't be long before the Derby Cars and I'm not allowed around tools (You don't want to ask).  It reminds me of all those years ago that my brother was a scout and I was the little sister tagging along (don't worry, Sister Bear, we have awesome plans for you too).


  1. Sounds like he had a wonderful time. I can remember back to when i was a scout and all the fun i had. I really love that tradition of both girl and boy scouts is still going strong. it's really wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. what fun! I was den mother for the 1st year my oldest was in cub scouts. it was an interesting adventuure!! I have been thinking about your knitting... I could use a scarf for around my neck, I am freezing! hugs, Faythe ~GMT