Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Breath of Life

 I am slowly putting away items of Dad's.  I still have his shaving kit sitting on my dresser.  I can't bear to empty the contents or to put it away.  It sits there...waiting.  I did pack away some of his other items but chose to keep his Lung Pillow where I can find it easily for Gift Of Life Michigan Volunteer Talks.  This lung pillow was given to him after his Double Lung Transplant in 2003.  All the doctors and nurses along with support staff and family signed his pillow. 
 Give So Others Can Live...let another person waiting for a lung or liver or heart or some other organ or tissue or cornea (you get my point) get the chance to live.
My Dad lived.  My Dad loved.  My Dad inspired.

Happy "Wordless" Wednesday!

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