Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Santa Claus

Happy "Wordless" Wednesday!  
I took Sister Bear and Brother Bear to the Holiday Nights at Binder Park Zoo this week where they enjoyed making crafts, visiting animals, unlimited carousel ride and visiting with Santa.  My kids still believe in Santa and I want them to enjoy the magic of the holiday for as long as possible.  A friend of theirs whispered to me that she already told her Mom and Dad that she didn't believe and it broke my heart.  There is an innocence lost when the excitement of waking up Christmas morning to see if Santa listened to your wishes is gone. 

I have taught my children about the true spirit of giving and we practice that year around.  They know the holidays are more than just receiving gifts.  They have been raised to understand the greatest gift is giving and not receiving and I have to admit that one of my gifts from them is watching their excitement as they tell Santa their deepest wishes knowing that I may have made a couple of them come true.  I am tickled to see them sneak their handmade gifts into my stocking even though I helped them make the gift not minutes before.  I want them to believe in the magic of Christmas because as we grow older our minds focus on the hustle and bustle and the true meaning of the holiday is gone.  They were still excited to see Santa and I was happy.  I have to admit that the line for the balloon clown was longer than the line to see Santa and that made me I went over and chatted with him a bit while the kids waited for their balloon animal.  Well, I've provided yet another long winded Wordless Wednesday.  Merry Christmas to all...


  1. Sounds like a fun evening. We still have Santa in our house, for everyone aged 2-65+ :D

  2. blessings of the season to you and your beautiful family xx

  3. wonderful post! I agree kids should enjoy the delight & wonderment of Christmas as well as the true meaning. Wishing your family a wonderful Holiday season :) ~Faythe @ GMT~