Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need a nap

Once upon a time, long long ago, weekends were meant to be relaxing.  I vaguely remember those weekends and I can't remember the last time I had one.

Saturday I spent the day in Lansing at MSU for the MI-Alpaca Seminar, Alpaca Marketing in Michigan.  It was an amazing day and I am still blown away that we put it all together via conference calls.  We had a great turn out and some really great speakers giving us major food for thought on how we market our farms, our herds and our fiber.

It was also the first annual  board meeting.  For the last few months I have been an acting board member helping get things set up.  Yet I came into the game way after some amazing people had already set the leg work to make this organization happen.  It's one thing to walk into an organization and make it better but it's quite another to dream it up and make it a reality.  Hats off to Mark, Tom, Mary and the rest of the amazing people who had a dream that Saturday would become a reality.

At the meeting, the first elected board of directors was announced.  I am the Southwest Michigan Representative for the board. There is a total of seven of us and this week we will decide who will hold which offices and set the plan of what we will accomplish the rest of this year.

I am very excited to be a part of this organization.  It's not just about getting AOBA recognition or hosting seminars, it's about bringing the Michigan Alpaca community together.   A couple of other farms wrote a more detailed report of the day.  Please follow their links to see more.
Ashton Stone Alpacas
Life on Via Verde Farm

So there is a lot of work ahead of us and I am ready to roll my sleeves up and get to work.

During the meeting I got about 3 inches knitted on a new hat (since I am frogging the old one)  when I realized that my gauge was all wrong so mid seminar I tore it apart and attempted to cast on.  It's hard to cast on while listening intently to a speaker so it took a good chunk of the day.  It will be interesting to see if this new cast on of less stitches is the right count.

Today, although I never showered (my attempt at being lazy) I was also busy taking care of farm chores, 2009 taxes, kid's homework and modifying my farm's marketing brochure (due to great ideas I got yesterday).

The best part of the weekend was being with my kids.  As much as I love spending the day at seminars or with my fiber friends, I do miss the Bears.  I did shove them out the door a few times to play.  The sun was shining and here, in Michigan.  January sunshine is like gold so they bundled up in their snowsuits (I did too) and went out in the freezing sunshine to visit the barn cats, alpacas and chickens.

Oh, and I finished plying my tangled mess I wrote about the other day.  My friend, Holly, untangled it for me.  Yes, she is an awesome friend and I tell her that all the time.

Never did get that nap but somehow I feel refreshed after this afternoon.  It's amazing what family time will do for a person.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday - Alice in Wonderland

It wasn't quite a year ago that I first ventured "down the rabbit hole" into the world of knitting.  Through this adventure I've had a lot of emotions pour out of my knitting.  Yes, I said emotions not finished projects.  I've said knitting makes me cry A LOT and I lately I've been asked the question,"Why do you knit if it makes you cry?"

Good question.  I wish the question had been, "Geez, Andrea, I see you're really upset over this project, do you need some help?"  Alas, that wasn't the question and I cried.

Well,  after the "Drink Me" potion of wine and the "Eat Me" portion of cake, I have done some soul searching regarding my knitting and "as my tears fill the hallway, the white rabbit passes by" or something like that.  Really, I fancy myself like Alice sometimes living in my own fantasy world where everything is fun yet odd full of beautiful vivid colors and a wee bit scary yet easier to take risks but I digress so back to my soul searching.
Since I started knitting last spring I have made a handful of scarves, 1/2 kidney kozie (shawl for a local dialysis unit which is still in process of being finished), 1/2 Clapotis (currently working on it) and my Sassy Eyelet Cap (which is going to be frogged and is the source of my tears)  Why did I jump from scarves to the hat and shawls?  Because everyone around me said, "Oh, you need to start doing more challenging projects."  and "Scarves are so boring!" etc.

The cursed Eyelet Cap from Vogue Knitting-Not looking too sassy
Well, I found the hat I wanted and Vogue Knitting said it was a "Very Easy" knit.  WHATEVER!  You lied to me, Vogue Knitting!  I was so excited to knit you too.  I picked my hand spun alpaca from my very own farm and it was supposed to be a beautiful hat.  It's not and it won't be.  I will not knit you, Sassy Eyelet Cap. "Off with your head!"  You are not very easy.  I will find another pattern.  I have also found someone who will show me how to carefully unravel you so that I can reclaim my hand spun yarn for a different hat better suited for my skill level.  She said that she will help me with gauge and getting started.  Now I'm starting to feel like Cinderella with my Fairy Godmother instead of Alice but now is not the time to mix my fairy tales.

Alas, I will knit a cute hat that I can wear out of my hand spun alpaca and hopefully there won't be tears of frustration.  I hope.

So, back to the reason(s) that I cry while I knit.  Obviously, it's frustration.  I am used to accomplishing tasks I set my mind to fairly quickly.  I love a challenge and I found that the challenge of knitting(at least this hat) has got the better of least the pattern I picked.  There is so much for me to learn.  Sometimes I feel like such an idiot when I ask what an abbreviation in a pattern is and how to make that stitch.  Some are so elementary and I was already unintentionally knitting them but really, I don't know and need help.

The biggest reason that I cry when I knit is that it reminds me of Dad.  When I first started knitting, I was having fun and making new friends.  It was my escape from all the chaos at home.  It kept my mind and hands occupied while I stressed over my Dad's health.  As time went by, it came to be that 95% of the time I knitted was when I was with Dad at the hospital, emergency room, ICU, waiting rooms and finally hospice.  I got so much knitting done while I spent all those hours in the hospital.  It kept me from crying.  It helped me handle the fact that I was watching him die in front of me.  It allowed me to be the strong one for the family.  I was able to keep control with the family while I focused on my knitting.

Well, he's gone now and there is a void.  I get emotional more easily now than ever.  It's not just with knitting, it's with everything.  I've been told it's part of the grieving process.  I don't know.  I know I cry a lot now...A LOT!  I know that I feel even worse when friends aren't supportive and look at my "emotional knitting" as a sign that I shouldn't be knitting.  I have issues I am trying to work through and for some reason, knitting is letting me release feelings that I have had locked up for a long time.  It's therapeutic, I guess, and apparently I found that I can't vent about it amongst friends because they obviously don't get it.  My "cry" for help sounds like a bellyache and their answer is that I should quit knitting.

I thought about quitting my knitting group earlier.  Really, I did.  I was more miserable than ever. This was supposed to be my fun.  I felt like the consensus was that I should give up on knitting. I wasn't feeling the love. I've felt that my whole life though.  Apparently I have to be "on" all the time.  Good Time Andy.  Well, I don't always feel positive or happy sometimes I'm sad and I cry...and now I know that knitting brings that out of me.  Knitting doesn't come easy to me but that doesn't mean I don't like it or shouldn't try.

Then I went to Ravelry and I had two messages in my inbox offering help and in our forum and saw this response to my post of frustration:
My two cents: ZPDK is a mixed blessing. You have lots of experienced knitters around to help you. But you also have lots of experienced knitters around who make knitting look effortless. Then when it’s not effortless for you, you get frustrated.
But look, kiddo. Not only are you still a new knitter, you’re also mastering spinning, running several businesses, keeping a home, raising children, being a wife, doing charity work, promoting your craft(s), and being amazingly strong for your father during his illness and now as you take care of his affairs. That you also manage to find a minute to sit down and pick up your needles is an achievement you should be proud of. It will come. It will get easier. You will make your own hat out of yarn you spun yourself from the alpaca you are raising. And it will be beautiful.
As you are.

I love knitting.  I really do.  I love the projects I've finished so far.  I love picking out the beautiful yarn at the yarn shop or from my hand spun stash and finding a pattern that will create something amazing.  I love being a part of a knitting group full of amazing people.  I love knowing that I am learning a skill that people have been doing for generations and that once I figure it out I can teach my daughter.  I love a challenge and apparently, knitting is a challenge for me.

So I don't intend to wake from this dream.  I will continue to chase the rabbit, be merry with the Mad Hatter, wear a Cheshire grin and live life an adventure...and sometimes I might cry while doing it.

So that's what I've been up to at least in the knitting portion of my Fiber Arts life.  What have you been up to?

This is the first week that the Fiber Arts Friday Blog Carnival has been here on my blog. Besides linking your blog, please leave a comment letting me know what you think, words of wisdom, topic ideas.  Spread the word to other fiber artists and please, share.  Wisdom Begins in Wonder and we need our shared knowledge to gain wisdom.

Check out these cool blogs:

Fiber Arts Friday Blog Carnival!

To participate:

  1. Add the permalink to a specific blog post that features something Fiber Art related, rather than your general blog address and not your Etsy store. (Please DO put a link in your blog post that takes us to your store though.)
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  3. Visit as many of the other participants as possible and leave comments! That’s what helps us all connect!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tangled Web We(I)...Spin?

While spinning my newest creation the one end of my bobbin popped off.  It must have been a bad glue job.  Regardless, I was stuck with yarn unraveling into a tangled mess so I asked my Twitter friends what I should do.  "Oh, just wind it over to a different bobbin."

Easier said than done because without that end to hold it into place, it started to knot and unravel upon itself and I have been struggling for two days to get it back on track. 

I hate untangling!  Really, I do! 

Some people consider it a puzzle, but not me.  Sometimes I get a knot in my necklace chain and I will go crazy because I can't get that single knot undone so imagine this mess! 


It will get will hear a bunch of cursing but I will untangle it if it's the last thing I do. 

Oh, Suffering Sucoatash!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ravelympics 2010

I'm competing in the Olympics this year!  Yes, the Ravelympics on Ravelry.  I'm a member of Team Zombie Slayer and I am looking all the part of the team...I got my t-shirt today.

 The back of the t-shirt ALWAYS has to direct you to the farm!
Here's the lowdown of what the Ravelympics are Team Zombie Slayer style:
Rule Number One and a Half: Challenge yourself.
If you select a project, or projects, that will be a challenge to you, you are participating in the spirit of the Olympics.

The Dates
Feb 12-28, 2010 (see start times and end times, below)

What to make?
Some like to challenge themselves to do a whole sweater in the 17 days, others like to do several smaller items. Or many like to enter into the WIPs event. This is the event where previously cast on projects/ufos are allowed – but they must be dormant at least one month before the February 12.

When do we start?
We have a firm start time with a Mass Cast On during the Opening Ceremonies. When the Olympic games kick off in Vancover, that’ll be our start time. In the Eastern time zone, that means 9 pm Friday, February 12 (6 pm Vancouver time).

When do we finish?
Your project must be tagged as finished no later than 2:59 am Monday, March 1 (11:59 pm Sunday, February 28, Vancouver time). Your photo does not have to be posted by that time, but the project must be tagged as finished if you’re to receive your medal. BTW, you determine what “finished” means. If you consider it finished before ends are woven in or before it’s blocked, then it’s finished.

What can you do before February 12?
You may add yarn and needles to your Ravelympics project pages prior to the start of the games. Swatching is allowed.

Yes, I look all crazy here...I'm getting ready to slay zombies!

Problem is, I don't have my project yet.
That's ok, I have a bit of time but goodness, how do I choose.


  • Aerial Unwind eventaerial (Frog those poor unloved projects to reclaim that yarn. (This event only: requires a WIP pic and frog pile pic)
  • Bag Jump eventbagjump (Bags, totes, pouches)
  • Beading Biathlon eventbead (All things beaded and embellished)
  • Bobsled eventbobsled (All things pets)
  • Cable Cross-Country eventcable (All things cables)
  • Charity Curling eventcharity (Projects for charity)
  • Designer Biathlon eventdesignerbiathlon (From a swatch to published pattern in 17 days sample completed and pattern released on ravelry - swatching allowed before torch lit)
  • Designer Original Dance eventdesignerdance (Create your own design sample from scratch in 17 days swatching allowed before torch lit; pattern need not be written])
  • Designer Pattern Skeleton eventdesignerpattern (Create a publishable pattern (sample can be already knit); do what you feel is necessary to produce a publishable pattern testing, editing, etc)
  • Downhill Dyeing eventdyeing (dyeing yarns - this will only create stash)
  • Felting Freestyle eventfelting (All things felting and fulled)
  • Fleece to FO Long-Track eventfleece (Start with fleece or roving and create a finished object)
  • Flying Camel Spin eventflyingcamel (Just spinning…lots and lots of spinning)
  • Free Dance eventfreedance (Don’t fit into any other event? This is for you)
  • Giant Slalom-ghan eventgiantslalomghan (Afghan, blankets, throws)
  • Hat Halfpipe eventhathalfpipe (All things hats and heads)
  • Holiday Jump-Start Skiing eventholiday (Projects to be gifted/given in Dec 2010 and holiday-themed items)
  • Junior Olympics eventjunior (Kids, baby garments, accessories toys have their own event)
  • Labyrinth Weaving eventweaving (All things woven)
  • Lace Luge eventlaceluge (Lace patterns and laceweight yarns)
  • Mittens Moguls eventmittenmoguls (Mittens, gloves, anything that covers hands/wrists/arms)
  • Nordic Colorwork Combined eventnordiccolorwork (Colorwork, intarsia, fair isle)
  • Platter Lift eventplatter (Home and d├ęcor projects)
  • Samalog Machine Skate eventsamalog (Machine knitting)
  • Scarf Super-G eventsuperg (Scarves, cowls, neckwarmers, smokerings, scarflettes…all things neck)
  • Short Track Shawls eventshorttrackshawls (Shawls, stoles, wraps, shawlettes)
  • Single Skein Speed Skate eventspeedskate (Projects of just one skein/hank)
  • Skelegurumi eventskelegurumi (Toys and amigurumis)
  • SnowCross eventsnowcross (Projects that combine knitting, crochet, needle-felting, embroidery, sewing …; minimum of 2 crafts combined together)
  • Sock Hockey eventsockhockey (All things socks and slippers)
  • Stash Compulsory Dance eventstashdance (Use of long-neglected stash purchased at least 1 year ago)
  • Sweaterboard Cross eventsweaterboard (All forms of sweaters, vests, cardis, pullovers, boleros)
  • WIPs-Dancing eventwipsdancing (WIPs/UFOs and only these; Projects not touched since Jan 12th) 
As you can see, there are so many choices to choose from!
I know I am entering the spinning competition (Flying Camel Spin) as for the knitting...well, since I am supposed to challenge myself I have a small knitting project that will require my handspun (Fleece to FO Long Track)
Now, here is your question...I know you are going to ask it!  What do I win?  Well, this is a challenge to myself to complete a project in a certain amount of time.  It's a chance to challenge myself to try something new.  It's a chance to be a part of a team doing something I love.  
It's all about the fiber, baby!  Yeah!  (channeling Austin Powers there)
Plus I'd be watching the Olympics anyways so why not challenge myself as I watch those athlete on television challenge themselves.
There's still time to join a team.  Ravelry has tons of teams.  I joined Team Michigan but decided I would better represent Team Zombie Slayer.
So...if you think this would be fun.  Check Ravelry out and be a part of the you get to meet so many amazing people who have a love for fiber arts. 

On a final note, I am inheriting the Fiber Arts Friday Carnival for Alpaca Farm Girl.  Starting next Friday, you can link your blog to mine and share what you have been doing in the fiber world.

I would love to hear from people who knit, spin, dye, crochet, felt, and generally do anything amazing...or mundane with fiber. ( I say that because what you might think is trivial might be exactly what someone else needed to be inspired or learn)

So think fiber and be prepared to link to my blog next week.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Winner Is...

Remember that awesome Sensational Suri Contest I've been running all week?  Well, we have a winner!  She's been contacted and has requested roving as her prize so she can spin up some of her own delicious Wonder Yarn to knit.  Congratulations, knitsinclass, I hope you enjoy!

Well, if you really wanted to win but didn't, don't worry because I still have more items for sale in my Etsy store and I plan on running another contest in a few months.  Better still, I am in process of skirting more fiber to make more Wonder Roving and Wonder Yarn.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  Maybe next time I will have a contest for my huacaya.  Yes, those poor alpaca were all heartbroken every time I went out to the barn.  I could hear it in their hums, "Hey, Andrea, why aren't you giving me some love?  Why do you keep promoting those Suri?  We're awesome too!" 

Well, dear huacaya, you are awesome and I love spinning you too.  Good golly!  I have you both on the farm so, of course, I love you.

Congratulations, again, knitsinclass!  Enjoy your Suri...and post pics when you spin it up!

Keep reading...I have more fun, fibery happenings to write about.

RavOlympics is coming up next.  What's that?  Well, keep tuned, I have more to say on that topic.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sensational Suri Contest

I've decided that it's time that I have a Contest of Wonder!

Would you like to win a Suri Alpaca?
Well, I'm not giving an actual alpaca away but you have an opportunity to win approximately 4oz of one!
Either yarn or roving, depending if you are a spinner, knitter or simply crochet.

I have Suri Roving and Yarn that is WONDERful!  It is a dream to spin and knit yet so many people don't know about Suri.  Anyone who loves fiber arts knows Alpaca but most don't know that there are two types of Alpaca, Suri and Huacaya.  I have both on my farm and I'm not afraid to admit that I prefer the Suri. 

Really, come visit my farm in the Spring when the Alpaca are in full fleece running in the pasture.  Watch the elegance of the Suri has their fiber sways in the wind.  It will take your breath away!

Most fiber people shy away from Suri because they don't understand how to process it or spin it or they simply don't know they exist.  Suri Alpaca make up approximately 10% of the world's Alpaca population. It is a true labor of LOVE and the work is worth it when you see and feel the finished product.  It's because I want to show the world how wonderful Suri is that I am having this contest.

The rules are simple.  

1. Visit my Etsy Store, WONDERWHYGAL, and look at my roving and yarn.  Leave a comment here letting me know what you think, what's your favorite color, what color blends you would like to see in the future.

2. Leave a comment about Suri.  Something interesting.  If you need help, here are just a few of my older posts where I blogged about my Suri.

A Suri Sonnett

I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

All That Fluff 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel  

Daily Dose of Fiber

Sugar Breeze is a Breeze

Beginning to Look Like Autumn 

3. Spread the Word about the WONDER of Suri and the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm!  Twitter about this contest, post on your Facebook or blog about the WONDER of Suri and this contest and let me know.  You are only allowed one tweet, post and blog per day but if you want to keep spreading the WONDER, go ahead.

It's as easy as that!

...and keep reading my blog because I have a really great contest coming up in April.

Do I have you WONDERing?  Well my farm motto is WISDOM BEGINS IN WONDER so go ahead, experience the WONDER of Alpaca!

The contest will end Thursday, January 21, 2010 at Midnight.  Winner will be announced on the 22nd.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Whistle While You Work

I have decided that I prefer spinning to knitting. 

 Whoa!  Where did that newsflash come from? 

Of course you all figured it out before I did. Or did you?  dum dum dum (oh, that sounded much more dramatic in my head.)  Anyways, I have been on a spinning kick in avoidance of the Clap(otis) that I've been knitting since...December 18.  Many of my fellow ZPDK have already finished theirs.  I'm so jealous because they are so darn beautiful.  I will finish this though.  I'm getting closer to the home stretch. 

A couple of things I've figured out, though. 
1. I was tricked into knitting a Kidney Kozie size project which means when the next challenge comes, I can't say that I can't knit a shawl like everyone else.  Darn you sneaky ZPDK!  P.S.  I LOVE YOU for your creativity!

2.  I really need to think about the yarn I use for each project.  Although I love the yarn I picked and the colors...I wish I had picked something with larger color blocks.  This is a bit busier than I had hoped for and when I color swatched it, it didn't seem so...busy. 

I'll still where it and love it but the next one I make will be with a thinner yarn and larger blocks of color.  Heck...I might just have to spin my own.  I already imagine my Confetti Reign in this pattern with all of her natural blending of white and brown.  Oh, I love my Suri...

3.  I really do get bored easily.  I was all for this scarf but now I've been stuck in Section 3...FOREVER!

Well, I will conquer the Clap!  I have to.  It was a contagious knitting project that the ZPDK caught and slowly everyone is finding a cure but me...

By the way, the cure is actually knitting the darn scarf instead of blogging about it.

Yes, the final thing I've learned: 

Blogging does not finish your knitting project any faster.  You must actually knit. 

Go figure!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

I love my Suri!    I love everything Suri...except maybe, nope, nothing...I love my Suri!

Confetti Reign - Fiber (all dirty)
Suri Alpaca are amazing and their fiber is so different from Huacaya Alpaca.  This difference is what baffles most fiber artists.  It's not like wool.  It doesn't have the crimp.  Instead of running the fiber through a drum carder, you must comb  the locks to open them up.  Suri Fiber resembles human hair more than it does wool...but the yarn that comes from it is pure heaven.  It's softer and has luster where wool and even huacaya doesn't.  It spins like bamboo or silk because it is more slick and it's strong and beautiful.

Confetti Reign
Yes, I love my Suri!

Confetti Reign - Rolling in Dirt (Yes, Alpaca Fiber is Dirty until washed)
Now I raise both Suri and Huacaya, so don't get me wrong because I do love them both was Suri that brought me into the Wonder of Alpaca.

Confetti Reign getting sheared by the Alpaca Barber, Dave Binkowski and Kate, his daughter
This week I finally created my first skein of yarn from my Confetti Reign.  She had never been sheared so this spring there was two years worth of growth on her.  Her fiber was kept long because she had went to a few shows and was shown in the unshorn class so when we sheared her this last spring there was a lot of fiber.  Some locks measured 12-14 inches.

Confetti's color is right down to the skin...see the pigment
Fiber Processing Mills WILL NOT accept fiber that long.  They want fiber that is 3-6 inches long because the longer fiber will clog up the machines.  Think about running a brush through long hair.

Still an amazing looking Suri, as sheared
So I processed all my fiber that was in manageable lengths and waited for Winter to play with Confetti. I had hoped a friend would help but alas, I am doing it myself which is fine because I really am enjoying her and back last summer I wasn't ready to tackle the task of turning her into yarn.  Now I am!

 Using Viking Combs to prep fiber to spin. 
Yes, they are sharp!
Yes, I keep band aids handy and have pierced my hands multiple times.

Confetti Yarn (I love the natural blend of her fiber coming through in her yarn)
So...I am.  Only a few more months before Rapunzel, um...Confetti gets to let her hair down again.

The Alpaca Barber has set my shearing date as May 25th.  I will post more details later but I will open the farm up to the public so you too can see the Wonder of Shearing Alpaca.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Mr. Obvious!

Thank you, Calhoun County Road Commission, for spending the afternoon putting up two signs stating the obvious when you could have filled in the pot holes, soft sides and washboards  made by your not-so-great effort to fix D Dr S!

So, if you want to come visit me, may I suggest taking H Dr S to 1 1/2 Mi Rd...because 2 1/2 Mi Rd bites too!

Oh, and if you do drive on D Dr S, don't drive 35 through the "bad" section because of the pot holes, washboarding and soft sides.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy as a Bee

During the holidays and now, since the New Year I've been busy carding huacaya, combing suri, blending all sorts of fibers and spinning along with knitting my Clapotis.  For the first holiday ever, I didn't curl up and read a book.

Combing Confetti Reign, my suri, with Viking Combs
My goal...well, my goal is to make yarn to sell here at the Wonder Farm but my ulterior motive is to keep busy so my mind is occupied from obsessing about sad thoughts and my  hands are occupied so I can start working on losing weight.

All That Taz (Suri, Merino, Angora)
Agghhhh!  I worked so hard over the last ten years taking weight off.  I've always been chunky but since last November when Dad started getting sick more frequently, I've let myself go.  I can't blame it all on stress (although stress eating plays a major part), I can only blame myself.  I have a lot of clothes in my closet that I either can't get into or if I get into them, they look hidious.

Go Blue! (huacaya, bamboo, glitter)
So...operation Keep Busy has commenced.  Yes, I know, I'm always busy but this is a different sort of busy.  So...we'll see.  I've officially went hog wild on the veggies and I am trying to stay away from chips and crackers (I love my salty stuff) along with all the other bad stuff I eat and drink.

Neapolitan (huacaya, angora, tinsel)
I am not going crazy with diets...because every time I've been on one I took the weight off but then it would creep back again so I am simply going to be healthy.  It's just for the next few months I will have to be a wee bit more healthy as I attempt to shed some of these pounds.

Metallica on Ice (Suri Alpaca, Romney and Cormo)
I know...I should be spinning on a bike instead of at my wheel but that's not fun.  I am going to rejoin the gym and get physical again.  That will help.  No more driving back and forth to Detroit...that will really help.

 Sunflower (Suri alpaca and Super wash wool)
Ok, so that's my healthy attempt at life.  Now look at some of these yummy yarns I've created!  I am slowly posting them to my Etsy site so check them out...and buy them.  I have a herd to feed!
Roving created to make Neapolitan and Go Blue!

And there is more sitting on two of the three wheels plus my knitting.

Yes, I've been industrious a busy bee!