Monday, August 30, 2010

Find the Spinner Inside of You!

I bought this lovely framed print from my friend Beth, who owns her own Antique Business.  I don't know a whole lot about the photo other than it's in a beautiful frame and it has a woman spinning.  Really, what else do you need to know when it involves a Spinning Wheel.  Before Beth could tell me anything about it I said, "SOLD!"  Beth told me a bunch of what she knew about the photo but I don't remember any of the details.  Lately, I'm not very good with details.  Argh!

Now I have this gorgeous photo from...a very long time ago and I think about what I must look like behind my spinning wheel.  I am always barefoot and very relaxed.  During the Summer I'm in a tank top and shorts and in the Winter most likely in my pajamas.  I wonder about this woman...especially not knowing the year of the photo.  How many layers of undergarments was she wearing?  Is she wearing shoes?  Is there a baby nearby or dinner cooking?  Is this her "happy" place or does she look at spinning as a chore?

Spinning for me is one of the happiest places I have found.  When I sit behind my wheel, I feel all the worries of my day wash away.  With every treadle another piece of my anxiety crumbles and with every draft of my roving a sense of peace fills my mind.  The rhythm of my spinning lulls me into a peace that I had never found before.  Becoming a spinner has changed my life on so many levels and I am always eager to share that love with others.  My friend, Holly B, says that there is a Spinner in all of us and I believe that.  If I handed you a spindle tomorrow you would be spinning.  The question is, would you enjoy it?  So, I will continue to look at this lady spinning and hope that she found peace at her wheel like I have at mine.

Sister Bear has decided she wants to try the spinning wheel again.  She tried it last year but felt she didn't have the control over the wheel that she has with her drop spindle.  hmmm, control?  Maybe that's why I love spinning so much.  I control the fiber, the treadle, the process....hmmmm
 I am going to let Sister Bear try working with Lizzy because when I learned how to spin, Lizzy was patient with me.  Ok, I loved my wheel so much that I learned patience as I learned to spin and I hope Sister Bear learns the same.  What do you think about the lady in my picture?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 12th Anniversary, Grumpy

12 years!  Holy Paca Poo!  I've been married for 12 years.  How is that possible?  Oh, I know it's possible but sometimes I wonder how we've made it this far.  In my family, 12 years of marriage is a long time.  Very few marriages have lasted that long.  What is our secret?  Oh, I wish I knew but I think it all comes down remembering that in good times and bad times, in sickness and health, annoying and frustrating, giggles and laughter, tears of joy and tears of sorrow that we are a team.  We are Team Morrison, actually!  Sometimes marriage is work and sometimes it's super easy like a honeymoon but ultimately we are in it for the long haul and we work at it together.  Really, sometimes it's a big ol' pain in the ass but we work at it together.

Happy Anniversary to my dear husband.  I couldn't have done it without you...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Destination: Wonder Why!

Thursday morning while taking care of barn chores we were delighted with a special surprise.  One of the hot air balloons from the 2010 US Nationals decided to land in the field next to our pastures.  The Bears and I took off through the weeds to see the hot air balloon up close.  We were even more excited when we were asked to help pack up the balloon.  We got to see and help with all the work it takes to pack up a balloon.  I have given the balloonist permission to use my back pasture the next time he intends to land our way as long as we don't have our herd out grazing because it's less weeds plus an amazing photo opportunity for me.  Yes, I'm always thinking of me ;-)  I was so thankful that the balloons came our way because quite often the routes they take keep them close to I-94 or the North side of it.  So...(hint, hint) to the powers that be, please keep the balloons coming towards East Leroy.  There are some amazing sights for them to see from the air and us early birds out taking care of chores are enjoying the view too.  Lastly, remember that the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, LLC is a happening destination full of Alpaca Wonder.  Check it out! (shameless plug)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday - Fiber Fest, Where Wisdom Begins

Finally, with my camera found I can share with you my Fiber Fest Memories this week for Fiber Arts Friday.  This Wonder Why Gal was full of questions and surprisingly kept the mouth shut so the knowledge from others could be absorbed...ok, I tried to keep my mouth shut. It was a week full of classes and new friendship along with new skills.  I learned how to felt hats, shawls and scarves from three different classes with three different instructors which allowed me to learn three different techniques.
My Gossamar Scarf.  Looks great with my Tour de Fleece t-shirt.
My favorite class was learning how to make a hat. Maybe it's because I'm a hat person but everything about that class was amazing from the instructor, Suzanne Higgs, to the great group of classmates.
Token Male, I think not!  He defied the norm and created an amazing unique hat!
While wondering out and about the fairgrounds, I decided which classes I want to take next year.  "But what if we don't offer these same classes next year?"  Well, Fiber Fest has to because I want to them. (said while I was stomping my feet in tantrum)
My Hat Class!  Look at all the different styles using the same fiber/same techniques.
So, what else do I want to learn in regards to classes at Fiber Fest?


Tiny Object Weaving! (technical wonder term)


More dyeing...

Back to that weaving...doesn't Melissa look Rock Star in the head gear? 
Another great reason to weave with itsy bitsy beads.
More dyeing and felting techniques.

Here are some photos from my shawl and scarf classes.

Oh, wait...I did mention friendship, didn't I?  If you are camping during Fiber Fest there are lots of opportunities to volunteer.  I spent some time helping campers get checked in with Alpaca friends and knitting friends.  One of my favorite knitting friends, Terry Smith, was at Fiber Fest all week and I always enjoy talking with her.  It was great to lunch or just visit while we worked.  Plus, being there all week you are bound to run into the same people throughout.  I was hanging with people are are up and coming vendors like myself and some published fiber artists.

ooooh, I forgot to add one important animal pic yesterday...sheep herding.  It was neat to see the dogs get the sheep from point A to point B.
On the farm, we herd by saying, "Paca, Paca, Paca!" Really, it gets them to the barn every time!
Finally...Saturday and Sunday arrived which meant I could sell my Wonder Yarn and Wonder Roving...look at my set up.  Awesome, isn't it?  Yes, I had to modify my usual booth space because it was only 8 feet wide but it didn't stop customers from check out the Wonder of Alpacas.
Booth of Wonder in the Animal Barn
I wish that my photos would speak volumes about the amazing experiences I had at Fiber Fest.  My head is still spinning from all the fiber I touched, felted, knitted, spun and sold.  It was truly a magical week.  I hope that I meet some of these people again.  One lady that I really enjoyed taking not one but two classes with had the best compliment to give me.

"If I had a daughter, she'd be just like you!"  This was as we giggled and laughed in our second class together.  Fiber Arts is an adventure that I'm glad I'm not making alone. Every person I meet has an interesting story to help me learn and love the new skill and I hope I give them that gift in return.  I already have my calendar marked for next year's Fiber Fest.  I hope I can camp, volunteer, take classes, shop and sell again because this Wonder Why Gal is ready to absorb some more techniques, make new friends and let new customers find me.  So...share with us your adventures in Fiber Arts this week!
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fiber Fest 2010 - The Source

I have so many photos from Fiber Fest this year that I am breaking them into a few blogs.  Today I wanted to focus on the animals our delicious fiber comes from.  You won't find any Alpaca photos because I promised the Herd of Wonder that I wouldn't fall in love with any other Alpacas but I didn't promise them that I wouldn't fall in love with the sheep and by golly, I did!

Did you know that sheep will pose when you have a camera out?  
Obviously the water is better on the other side of the gate...
Do you notice how wonderfully these sheep stand when the camera out?  
Alpacas don't do this.  They put their ears back and dare you to snap a shot.
Almost makes me want a sheep...almost.

The sheep, especially the Merino, do have one special thing in common with Alpacas...they love to play in their hay...A sheep's named Panda put on quite the show for me.  I told him I might need to buy his fleece to spin...he just stuck his head deeper in the hay.
I hope that all the visitors to Fiber Fest visited the barns because they need to see where their beautiful yarns and roving come from.  Speaking of where the fiber comes little Sexy Rexy won't use the creep feeder.  He's eating right along with the girls.  I even saw him push a big girl out of the way to get feed.  He turned 3 months old today...little stinker.

I'll share more of Fiber Fest tomorrow...