Friday, January 14, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday - Tink or Tear

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Once a week Fiber Artists from around the world join in to share their adventures in Fiber Arts so...join in the fun!  What are you waiting for?  Knitting, Spinning, Crochet, Weaving, Sewing, Quilting, Felting...the possibilities of Fiber Arts are endless so let's begin!

This week I'm going to share with you a dilemma that many knitters face when they have screwed up a pattern.  Do you tink (knit backwards - really it spells knit backwards) or do you simply tear the whole project apart or back it to a certain point?  Well, I will do neither. I have a thing about never tinking back.  bahahaha Yes, I have decided that my knitting will forever have my artistic mark of going with the flow which includes mistakes, um, unique marks. Well, what I have neglected to tell you is that I don't have a problem with someone else tinking or tearing back for me.  Yes, it's always less painful when you have someone else take apart the knitting you have worked so hard on.  Also, I have more projects that are done correctly than not.  It's just that those not so correct ones are the ones I talk about because there is always a good story.  Perfect means no story because it was done right, eh?  Oh, now the lightbulb goes on, tehehe.

This week I let KellyJ at Your Local Yarn Shop tear out a decent amount of my cowl that I've been knitting.  This was after Melissa helped tink back a section of it two days prior to change the needle size.  I decided that I would come up with my own pattern of sorts by loosely following other patterns but missing one major component...gauge.  Yes, I decided to use a bulky yarn instead of a worsted weight and used a larger size needle than the pattern I was looking at as a reference for the cast on of stitches.  I was good with that because I wanted a looser knit around the arms.  Where I failed was in the decrease.  The cowl just fell right off of me so Kelly tore back enough so that I could compensate for gauge and give it some hefty decreases.  She then suggested that when I get home to put it on scrap yarn and check the decreases before I put my final ribbing in and bind off.  That makes sense, eh? What would make even more sense is knitting a gauge swatch in the future but hey, that would require actually thought and I do like to just go with the flow.

Well, I also didn't think about the fact that I was knitting with Alpaca and Wool, primarily Alpaca (I used Misty Alpaca yarn and Bear Mountain wool).  This cowl is heavy but heavenly and it will keep me warm, which is what I want.  This is what I didn't think about...the growing factor.  When I put it on scrap yarn it fitted like I wanted it to but once I finished it and blocked had grew...again.  Where did my decreases go? Now there is no one here at the farm who will tink or tear for me nor did I want to knit that cowl anymore but there was an easy 4 inches of width that I didn't want.  I was done knitting so...I got creative.  I'm rather please with the results.  I don't know if other knitters would be but it's my cowl and I will be the one wearing it. I folded the cowl and realized I could easily lose another four inches along the whole length so...I did.  I got some yarn out and started my crappy sewing job then added some cute buttons to draw your eyes away from my crappy sewing (really, my grandmother would be spitting fits if she saw the backside of my buttons).  It really is cute...who knew?  So I present the Cowl of Wonder and who better to wear it than the Wonder Why Gal. Oh, my next project?  I will be following (to the T) a KellyJ Key to Warmth Cowl because after this adventure in gauge madness, I want to follow a pattern I know is going to work the first time through. Now what fun adventures in fiber arts have you had this week? 

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  1. Well if it's something you made and keep you warm then by all means sport it with pride no matter the mistakes.

    Love the idea of the buttons.

  2. It's super cute and don't be going around pointing out your crappy seam.LOL No one will know but you if you go merrily on your way like nothing ever happened. You are rockin the cowl girl!

  3. I love it
    I don't know how to Knit,
    I will not Critique anyone’s work cause it is more than I can do!!
    I would wear it proudly, love the earthy colors to..
    It's very Lovely.!!..

  4. It looks great! I am a fan of tinking, and the dropping a column of stitches trick because I can get alittle obsessive about mistakes. I am also not a fan of gauge swatches, I think I have made about one and a half ever!

  5. I love it, your capelet turned out wonderful and the buttons are perfect!

  6. It looks amazing and the buttons give it character. I have a project I'm doing also and it's the first time I've done this pattern... I messed up and had to tear! But I'm back on track now and it's coming along nicely.

  7. This is such a great post! I love your capelet! I am so excited to get started on my cowl. Your yarn is delicious. I'll let you know when I post pix. Have a great weekend!

  8. If only my mistakes could turn out so wonderfully!
    Just ripped three inches out of a cowl last night, myself. It was a counting lace issue though, and I didn't have the brain power to fix it or get creative (at least not at 11:00!).
    Thanks for a wonderful solution!

  9. I also hate tearing back or tinking - if the mistake is minor, I usually let it go or find some way to compensate. However, my least favorite thing when tearing back is necessary is when I have to put everything back on the needles - so paranoid about dropping a stitch!

    Nice work with the cowl - I love the buttons on it - gives it a nice little kick.

  10. Thanks so much for your linky party and you have a great blog!

  11. Love the cowl! I always have to tear out. Never fails. Tamara

  12. Never Tink Back! That sounds like the name of your next blog! :D

  13. That is really pretty despite the seams!

  14. Oh wow, I really love how that looks, and I think the buttons are a fabulous addition! I really want a wrap/cowl like that; I'm planning to write a pattern for one, but IDK how long that will take me, ha!

    Happy Friday!!

  15. Wow! What a story and it all came out perfectly!! Very creative!

    Thank you for joining us at Fibers on Friday this week. I hope to see you back again!

  16. Hey again! I'm back to say thank you so much for gathering all these talented folks in one place. I have seen some amazing things while reading through the participants blogs. Always inspirational.

  17. You bring up a interesting point. As a artist at one point do you decide to scrap everything and start fresh or work with what you have? I think it's all dependent on your project.