Friday, January 7, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday -

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Once a week Fiber Artists from around the world join in to share their adventures in Fiber Arts so...join in the fun!  What are you waiting for?  Knitting, Spinning, Crochet, Weaving, Sewing, Quilting, Felting...the possibilities of Fiber Arts are endless so let's begin!

This week I've been busy with a wee bit of everything related to fiber arts.  I have to admit that there is a bit of longing for the challenge of a deadline.  I met all of my Christmas gift deadlines except one which I finished before the end of 2010.  Now I look around my house, which is temporarily clean due to the Christmas decorations being taken down, and survey the new projects I have started for 2011.  First on the agenda was to spin.  I have already filled a few bobbins on Frodo that are ready to ply.  I need to start restocking my farm store because I sold out of almost all of my handspun yarn.

I spent New Year's Eve weaving a scarf on the new Cricket Loom that Santa brought the family then spent New Year's Day warping it for the Bears to weave.  As you can see, they haven't gotten too far and I'm itching to tear out their work and start over.  We attempted to use some yarn I bought last year for a charity knit and it's very sticky which makes weaving a bit more difficult so you can imagine why I didn't want to knit with it either.  I have been talking with a few people in our area and it looks like we will be starting a Rigid Heddle Study Group.  For more information, you can visit the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm Group on Ravelry.  We are currently deciding on dates, time and projects to weave.  Hooray!

Finally, after all of the enjoyment of knitting my Aunt's cowl I decided I wanted to knit another one for myself but in my favorite colors of orange, brown, red and gray.  I'm not following a pattern which is actually fun so we'll see how it turns out in the next few weeks.  I am using some Misty Alpaca Yarn that I bought at Your Local Yarn Shop along with some Bear Creek Bulky Wool Yarn.  I wanted to use a bulky yarn and I didn't have any yarns that I spun in the right quantity or color of bulky to make this and these colors were exactly what I wanted.  We'll see as I keep going.  After I complete this (ok, I'm starting the year off with one project at a time,bahaha) I plan to take my sweater out of its time out and maybe start a pair of socks.  2011 is about being positive, productive and full of wonderful possibility so...there is no limit to what I will create this year.  Now, what were your adventures in Fiber Arts this week?

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  1. I love the orange/brown combination Andrea. That's going to be a pretty cowl. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I love the color of your handspun.

  2. I admire your wanting to weave, unfortunately it wasn't for me but it's fun to discover ALL of the fiber arts!

  3. The cowl is gorgeous! I can't wait to start the study group. I'm thinking of getting a Cricket so I have something portable to work on. I just had to go with the "big" loom.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  4. How big is your loom?
    I have limited space, but I have always wanted to learn how to weave.

    Love the cowl colors. So rich and luscious!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. No fibre arts for me this Friday, but I'm thoroughly enjoying others' work!

  6. I'm so tempted to get a loom - never mind I've never woven anything in my life - I've been seeing more and more people weaving....
    Love that you're planning to do one project at a time - it's a resolution I could never keep, hence the sweater that's done except for one sleeve since last fall :)

  7. Hooray for new projects! I'm starting to weave, too, after I built myself a loom this morning. Other than that, as you know, I'm still trying to wrangle those old WIPs. UGH. :)

  8. Look at you all fancy & weaving! It's the warping of the loom I think that really keeps me from taking up THIS fiber hobby:) I just want to get into the meat of the project!

  9. I love that the Bears are interested in weaving. It's so great that they are doing it and that they have a Momma that lets them. :-)

    I go back and fourth on the one project at a time thing too. My sweet spot seems to be 2-3 wips.

  10. Pretty fiber and yarn in your Etsy are an inspiration...thank you for including me in Fiber Arts Friday...great idea!

  11. Yum, you've been having some good fiber adventures! That loom of yours looks intriguing, maybe the shoemakers elves need to secretly work on it little by little at night when everyone's asleep so that it will progress a little faster and you can jump back on, teehe!

  12. Lovely projects. I am eagerly waiting to cheer you on from the socky darkside :D

  13. Ellen - I purchased the Cricket which is a smaller loom. It actually fits on my lap. Right now if you visit Lion Brand's website you can get an amazing deal on one. Knitamazoo just ordered hers today for $105 which included shipping.

    Oh yeah, that is an awesome price! The Bears and I are enjoying ours and I have lots of plans for it. As far as warping. I was surprised how easy it was to warp the second time. Since I am using worsted weight yarn, it doesn't take as long as using a lace or fingering...eventually I will but for now, it is super easy. Check it out and take a walk on the weaving side.

  14. I love this Idea of visiting each others blogs, it will help keep me on task… I only hope Techno Dummy Me can figure out how to do it...I have already made a mistake here & put myself on the list twice...Sorry for my fumbling, looking forward to being a pat of the group