Sunday, January 23, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

This last week I started a new job.  It's the first time I've worked in a traditional office with traditional hours (8am-5pm) in eleven years.  It's been quite the adjustment for me and the whole family along with the Alpacas.  Although I enjoy my new job, I miss the freedom of my old schedule.  I miss the amount of time I was able to devote to my fiber arts and to my herd.  I know once I get acclimated to this new schedule, I will have more energy in the evenings but this last week I came home exhausted.

My new position is at the Calhoun County Health Department as a Program Clerk.  I can't say too much about my job because of all the client confidentiality.  I work closely with nurses and patients dealing with immunizations and sexually transmitted diseases along with the people who test our schools for vision and hearing.  I won't be blogging much about my office or what happens at work because of this and that's fine because this blog is about fiber arts and Alpacas.. 

Grumpy helped me get caught up on barn chores Saturday morning.  We both have a lot of adjustments to make with my new work schedule.  He is now running our other business all by himself (and this was a busy week, of course) plus making sure the kids get to and from school (we are school of choice so no bus) along with feeding and watering the Alpaca herd in the morning.  We've decided to scoop poo in the evening when I get home from work but this last week...exhausted.  We paid for it Saturday.  The herd is used to a tidy barn and they made us work hard to clean it back up plus with freezing temps (below 0) it was very difficult to scoop. Well, it's all tidy and ready for week two at the new job.

Today, I went out before our dinner since Grumpy was in charge of cooking tonight and I checked their water and hay then I sat down on a bale in the girls area and just visited.  They were more receptive to me than the boys.  I got lots of kisses and sniffs from my favorite girls and Sexy Rexy.  I talked with them for quite awhile and our barn cat, Friend, even decided he needed in on the love so he curled up on my lap and the Alpacas sniffed him for a bit too.  I didn't realize how much time I spend each week or even each day out in my barn until I wasn't able to this week.  They really seemed to miss me. I know I missed them. I talked about them so much at work.  My office already has photos of my Alpacas...and the Bears hanging up. 

I will have to work better at my time management which has been very lax for quite some time.  Now only do I have my "day" job which will provide our family with much needed health benefits but I have my real and true job that I am totally passionate farm.  My farm will be successful!  My farm will sell amazing Alpacas that are born here on the farm!  My farm will produce amazing fleece which will be processed into delightful roving and yarn to sell!  I am still working on my Certified Sorting but the cold temps have put a slight hold on that.  I will be busy on the weekends sorting once it warms up.  I will have to devote certain days/evenings a week to dyeing, carding, spinning, etc. on top of my daily barn chores and family time. 

Yes, family time.  The Bears are adjusting well to the big change.  Grumpy is a wonderful father and husband and he is making sure meals are made and the Bears are getting their homework done.  We are Team Morrison and we'll work together to get everything done.  The only ones who are really having an issue with me being gone all day are our two miniature schnauzers, Munchkin and Lego.  They  are super clingy and won't leave my side at night.  Little Stinkers.

It's a big change but...I think our family is ready for a change. Regardless, we are changing.  I'm just glad that daylight is already starting to stick around longer so when I get home from work I can actually see the Alpacas outside.  Oh, yeah, this also means I won't be blogging as much either.  Yes, my internet access has been limited...and apparently the sky didn't fall.  Go figure.


  1. It's always an adjustment when doing something new. I'm sure everything will shake out fine in a couple of weeks.


  2. I wish you success at your new job! You are juggling a lot of things, I hope you find time for yourself amid all the busy-ness!

  3. Andrea--I'm happy to hear that you will be providing good health care for your family (a very big deal!!)...but change is hard, so be sure to be kind to yourself as you go through this transition. Don't worry if you have to 'let some things go', or lower your standards for ex. 'scratch' meals or house cleaning. It will all sort itself out over time. XXO--

  4. It really sounds like a big change. I'm sure you will start to have more energy soon. In fact you will probably be energised by the different type of work out in the barn. It will help you switch from work to home.

  5. Change can be good sometime... :)

  6. Wow it is an ajustment..everyone has great advise tho,The wayalpacas habits are you can aford some lax in the barn clean up twice a week works great for us, we have 30 Llamas /Alpacas so we can spend more time just sitting with them...

  7. Congratulations on the new job. It sounds like your life is going from busy to crazy busy, but it also sounds like team Morrison has it all under control. It will be nice when things start to warm up and you are less hindered by the cold. Go Wonder!