Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weave in the New Year!

I spent the last day of 2010 at Your Local Yarn Shop which is my favorite yarn store with friends learning to weave and enjoying the morning's thunderstorm because here in Michigan you can never plan on the weather.  Who knew that we would have 50 degree weather with lightning and a downpour of rain instead of fluffy white snow on December 31?  Well, if you live in Michigan you probably had a good idea that this would be a possibility.

Santa brought our family a Cricket Loom after I sent a request asking for one.  It's amazing how quickly he responded once the check cleared.  Anyways, we waited until Christmas to put the loom together and prepare to warp it.  That's where the trouble began.  It forced me to read instructions, bahahaha, and I was very confused. On top of that, my internet service decided to go wonky.  After a few days of internet tinkering and attempting to get help via my cell phone, I got major help from the Cricket Club over on Ravelry.  Apparently I'm not the only person who has had issues with the instructions (thankfully, because I was really starting to doubt my sanity) and they quickly came to my aid.  I got my loom warped and started to weave.  Well, I was still off just a wee bit but my friend Terry came to the rescue and within minutes I was weaving.  Here's where you ask, "Whose gift was this?"  Oh yeah, it's for the whole family but I get my turn first.

Upon returning home I found my bears playing the Wii so...I kept on weaving.  It wasn't long and I had created my very first woven scarf and my final fiber arts project of 2010.  Hooray!  I intend to use my first few scarves as part of my contribution to the Kalamazoo Deacons Conference Kazoo Yarnies Contribution.  Did you see the article about my friend Beth?  Well here it is. Kazoo Yarnies Give  I am very happy to know that some of my knitted goodies found their way to homes that needed them this year and Beth has created a fun way to bring knitters and knitted goods together to help others. did I spend Day One of 2011?  Well, It started with ringing in the New Year with Sister Bear.  We had a slumber party in the living.  Grumpy wanted to hunt the last day of hunting season so he planned up getting up early and after Brother Bear learned that a ball didn't literally drop in the front yard, he stormed into his room for the evening.  We woke to Sister Bear frying us Eggs of Wonder and gluten-free pancakes that I made.  I spent my day with my family taking down the Christmas decorations, playing games, watching movies, scooping poo (we had the perfect blend of rain, wind and sun to get some deep mid-winter cleaning done a wee bit early at the barn) and finally re-warping the loom.

For my first few woven projects I'm using what we call Charity Yarn.  It's always machine washable and usually inexpensive.  I have already decided that the acrylic yarn I am using is awful but it's warped and I'm not turning back so this new project will take a wee bit longer because it's "stickier" than the wool I used for my first project.  Of course, it's still better than knitting with the yarn.  Yes, I'm a yarn snob. I'm spoiled and I should be.  I have 21 reasons to be spoiled grazing (ok, right now huddled under the overhang of the barn) in the pasture that make unbelievable yarn to knit with.   As I get better with my weaving, I shall use my own Alpaca yarn but there is a lot to learn.

I joined the Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo this last fall and intend to participate in their education programs and study groups.  Currently they don't have a rigid heddle group so Terry and I intend to start one. Our goal is to take different techniques and master them each month. It's always more fun when you learn with other people so I am excited about this. 

I'm not making any true New Year's Resolutions because those typically are never kept but I am starting the year off with a new mantra,  This year will be positive, productive and full of wonderful possibilities!  I plan to say this every day and more importantly, I intend to live it. 

Happy New Year to everyone!  Now...since it's cold again (Yes, that darn unpredictable Michigan weather) I am going to work on my newly found weaving skills.


  1. Love it! Seems like Santa is bringing lots of looms lately... I might have to check one out!

  2. The weaving looks awesome, well done on squeezing a new fibre skill into 2010!

  3. Awesome!! I really want to build a loom this year, but I don't know if I'll get around to it or not. :P Your scarf is gorgeous, though!!


  4. Your first scarf is lovely! I need to warp my loom again. I'm thinking of doing a blanket for my new nephew who arrives in May. Since I have a fairly wide loom, I should be able to do it all at once. I'll be joining the Weaver's Guild this year & I look forward to study group. :)

  5. Great job on your first woven scarf!

  6. The weaving looks fabulous! And I LOVE your new mantra!

  7. I've been wanting to try weaving for a while now, but I was afraid I wouldn't have enough room for a loom.
    Had no idea about the Cricket.
    Maybe someone will buy me one for my next birthday!
    Your scarf is so cute!