Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend of Wonder

Whew!  What an amazing weekend here on the farm.  We started with a few inches of snow that came in quite quickly on Friday and aided in the decision to make this weekend about being lazy yet productive.  The majority of my weekend was spent in my pajamas knitting, spinning and weaving.  I know, I should have been working on taxes or some other important paperwork but the call of yarn was too great. 

I had originally warped our new Cricket Loom for the Bears to practice weaving on but they quickly got bored so I took over then, of course, it looked like fun so then Sister Bear would take over for a bit before finding something more exciting to do which left me alone with the Cricket.  Before I knew it, an afternoon of weaving had passed and a scarf that is about 10 feet long (yeah, I said I warped a long practice scarf) was created.  I decided that I would create 12 charity projects this year.  That's a project a month.  Well, here we are on Day 9 of the year and I've already made two scarves which I will donate.  How is that for being industrious?

I also created a lovely yarn blending my Suri Alpaca with a Yarn Hollow Merino/Bamboo blend. I'll have pictures of that later.  At some point Grumpy took the Bears outside and opened up the back pastures where they hooked the sled on to the tractor for some fun snow play.  Where was I?  Snug in my jammies knitting away.  Oh, I did make my way out to the barn each day for chores but it was cold out so anytime I could stay under my favorite blanket enjoying my fiber arts, I did.
Today we woke up to sunshine and a wonderful article in the Battle Creek Enquirer called  

Check out the link, I made it nice and big so you know what to click on. Earlier in the week, a reporter and photographer came to visit the farm to learn about fiber arts and Alpacas which I gladly shared.  Enjoying my coffee while reading the newspaper was extra wonderful this morning.  The Bears loved seeing their mom in print.

Just a bit ago, Grumpy commented that he didn't get much done this weekend.  I looked around at my happy family who enjoyed together time, a spinning wheel ready to ply yarn, a brand new yarn already plyed along with an amazing scarf I managed to weave in one weekend and a wee bit more knitting done on my cowl plus as I looked out the window, I saw a gorgeous view of my Alpaca herd healthy and content.  By the way, the photos of the Chickens of Wonder, the Alpacas and our barn cat, Friend, were all taken this weekend.  Even with the cold temperature and snow, the animals all were outside enjoying the sunshine and I couldn't resist taking a few photos.  It truly was a gorgeous weekend.  I managed to have a lazy weekend while getting a lot accomplished.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend too.


  1. No point in doing taxes early. Turns out Uncle Sam can't pay you thanks to the belated Bush tax cut vote.

    I spent all my day in sweat pants carding, spinning, and right now knitting. Great lazy weekend with only barn chores for "work."

  2. Congratulations on the excellent article!! How cool!!

  3. I have my tax papers all over the counter and have yet to start! Tamara