Sunday, May 8, 2011

Knock, knock! Who's There's?

Orange who?
Orange you glad it's Mother's Day and I can spend it with you...

This year's Mother's Day was spent at home with my Bears and Grumpy.  It involved handmade gifts from the Bears and hand picked flowers from my backyard, also from the Bears, including a beautiful bouquet of Dandelions from Brother Bear complete with an ice cream beard. He was much happier when he presented them to me than when I asked for a photo.  He was so proud of he beautiful present to me. 

Our weekend also involved a marathon UNO game of which I never won a hand.  It involved Alpaca and fiber sorting and lots of sunshine.  It also involved lots of Orange!  I finished weaving the three towels that I am presenting at tomorrow night's Weaver's Guild meeting for our Show and Tell night, spinning yarn from my Pumpkin Patch Art Batts of Wonder from hand dyed Huacaya donated from my girl Sprite and blended with hand dyed Merino.

It involved me knitting my first socks ever called Walking on Sunshine where I am using some sassy Orange Cascade Sock Yarn.  On top of it all, this big Yellow/Orange color appeared in the sky.  I hear it's called the Sun but we haven't seen nearly enough of it for some time.

It was a beautiful weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day because I got to spend it with the two little bears who make it possible for me to be called a mother.


  1. Beautiful towels! And your socks are looking great! I spent Mother's Day with my spinning wheels. I finished up the alpaca/merino lace weight that I started before Christmas. I also spun up 4oz of Dude's fiber (so yummy!) and 4oz of a wool blend that I had. My wheels are no longer feeling neglected. LOL!

  2. Whenever it's been cloudy for a few days and then the sun comes out, I go to the window -- at work -- and yell "There's a ball of fire in the sky, we're being punished!"

    Surprisingly, I don't get called for drug tests that often.

    Lovely lovely towels :-)

  3. That little Bear pic is priceless! I'm glad you had a great weekend.

    Those towels are seriously gorgeous - in a rather autumnal way.

  4. Love the weaving! Those colors remind me of fall in the best possible way.